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First-Generation Support
American University is committed to enhancing the experience of 
first-generation students through providing resources, support, and guidance to successfully achieve degree completion.

Am I First-Generation?

 AU defines first-generation as students whose parent(s) or guardian(s) have never attended a college or university. 


Katie Junot
Coordinator, Program Initiatives
University Center & 
Student Activities


What does being the first in your family to attend college (first-gen) student mean to you?
I feel that being a first-generation student means that you are not only a student but you are also a teacher. You are helping your family, friends, and loved ones understand whay it means to be a college student. As a first-generation student, you have to discover things for yourself and often interpret them for family members all while transitioning into college. 

What can AU first-gen students expect from your office? 
Through the University Center & Student Activities office you can find your home away from home from the variety of student clubs, organizations, and events. You can find students with similar interests that can help you navigate college and connect you with offices and resources. 

If there was one food item that you could have an unlimited amount of, what would it be? 
Yes, margarita pizza! 

Darcy Frailey
Assistant Director, Facilities & Event Services
University Center & 
Student Activities

What does being the first in your family to attend college (first-gen) student mean to you?
Being a first-generation student means, to me, that you pave the road and set the example for your community, family, and friends.  Not only are you navigating an experience new to yourself, it is also new to your family.  As a first-generation student, it is up to you to understand, as well as explain, the value of what you are learning and gaining from your college experience to your community and family.

What can AU first-gen students expect from your office? 
AU first-generation students can find within our office an environment that is both challenging and entertaining and a place where students can relax, mingle, study, and get involved on campus and find students who have similar interests and values.  Our office door is open to help students find their way and enhance their college experience through involvement. 

If there was one food item that you could have an unlimited amount of, what would it be? 
Without a doubt, home-made apple pie or dumplings..over and over again =)

What is the 

First-Generation Focus Newsletter? 


The First-Generation Focus is a monthly newsletter produced by American University Center for Diversity & Inclusion. The mission of the newsletter is to foster a community that supports AU's growing first-generation population. Each month the newsletter aims to inform readers about beneficial opportunities on campus. 

Navigating Transition 


Another academic year is upon us and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion wishes AU's first-generation community all the best for a great semester and year ahead! Whether you are new to campus or preparing for your last semester, feelings of transition are bound to make its way to the forefront. Start the semester off strong with mapping out goals that will help you be focused and learn along the way:


1. Waves of emotions

Are to be expected! Being at AU may be your first time away from home, or you might be coming back from a semester abroad and finding yourself feeling overwhelmed. Transition is not only about finding yourself in a new environment, but it's also about learning how you adapt with change. Just remember, "keep calm and carry on." 


2. Know your limits

The semester is still fresh and you may be experiencing feelings of overload. Now is the time to become familiar with delegating and learning how to manage your time efficiently. Maximizing opportunities are great, but you don't need to conquer the world (just yet)! 


3. Pause and reflect

Take a second to pause and reboot. Exercises of reflection can be done through several mediums and it's important to know what works best for you. Life often presents many distractions that can weigh on our shoulders heavily, so take a few moments to decompress so you can tackle what comes next. Not to mention, you may learn a new approach because you've experienced it before. 


4. Stay connected

In today's world of texting, tweeting, snap chatting, and more, remember to stay connected with those who support you. This can include friends, family, mentors, professors, and the like. Keeping in touch with these folks can often provide a refresher and great motivation to tackle what is yet to come.


5. Treading new waters

Experiencing a new environment or task doesn't necessarily mean a new challenge, but rather a new journey. The college experience may be something new for you and your family, but the internship or formal job hunt might be new as well. Remember, your not alone and ask for help when needed. Once an eagle, always an eagle! 


Interested in Learning More About 
Programming on Campus That Can Help First-Generation Students? 
Transfer Success Series

Are you a first-generation transfer student? Join AU's Transfer Success Series and become familiar with the unique campus resources and opportunities available. The Transfer Success Series will help provide you with a community of peers who are experiencing similar things in their transition to AU. The series is designed to help you get acclimated to campus through workshops on a variety of topics, as well as connect you to offices that will assist in your academic and social success. Click here to lear more and sign up!

Paving the Way: Working with 
First-Generation College Students 

Did you know that CDI offers educational workshops and one of them focuses on first-generation college students and their needs here at AU?! Join us this semester as we provide a snapshot of who first-generation college students are along with best practices for support. Click here to sign up and learn more about the many other workshops the Center offers. 

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