Health Newsletter Issue 23
Top 7 Summer Health Hazards 
Ryan Stanton, MD, doesn't want to meet you this summer. The Lexington, Ky., emergency room physician knows that when the weather starts heating up, so do a host of health hazards that can quickly turn a festive day at the beach into a disaster. He tells WebMD the Magazine about what brings summer revelers into his emergency room most often -- and how you can enjoy the warm weather while escaping the same fate.
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Best Summertime Defense Against Ticks and Mosquitoes
According to experts 2017 will be a banner year for ticks which could lead to more cases of tick-borne diseases.
Likewise, we are seeing a rise in mosquito transmitted viruses as well.

How do we protect ourselves safely and effectively?

The EPA has a tool to help find the right repellent. Click here to find the right repellent for you.
I Had a Skin Cancer Scare. Here's What I Want You to Know.
Dustin Chertoff, writer for Healthline, tells the 6 things he feels everyone should know to help protect themselves this summer from the harmful effects of the sun.
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 Southwestern Stuff Bell Peppers

A Spicy Summer Treat!

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