May 2015

Sign up for a summer breakfast! 
The summer breakfast season is upon us! This means that rather than having our breakfast program only once a week, on Fridays, we can host a meal for our guests on any weekday, M-Th as well. 

We are looking for groups who would would like the opportunity to provide a meal for 40-50 people and also to share that meal with homeless guests. Gubbio breakfast is a wonderful time to get to know and listen to guests in a relaxed and familial environment. 

WHAT: Summer Breakfast Opportunity for groups of 7-15 people, 2-3 with cooking experience preferable
WHEN: Pick a date: M-TH, June 15- August 6th,  any 2.5 hour period between 6am- 10am
WHERE: St. Boniface Church
WHY: Meet the basic needs of guests for nutrition, connection and acceptance. Meet your own need to deeply engage with your community, be generous and to spend time with friends. 
HOW: For details and to learn more email Jose Lopez at  

Street Retreat  


Gubbio Staff members Jose Lopez and Ed Bowers recently participated in a week-long street retreat hosted by the Faithful Fools!  Jose and Ed, along with 6 others, took to the streets to be in solidarity with thousands of other individuals in San Francisco. 

Jose (from his blog):
"At Glide I tried to act friendly and nice; but inside I was anxious and frustrated. Everything bothered me, every noise, every person, every thought! During our morning reflection I tried my hardest not to snap at other people. I kept reminding myself that I was feeling this way because I was tired and had a rough night... After our reflection all I wanted was to relax and just sit somewhere. That is truly impossible in the Tenderloin. There are no benches to sit down on. I couldn't lay down anywhere without being asked to move. I couldn't risk sleeping because I had to watch all my things. All I wanted to to sit down and read."

We highly recommend reading the rest of Jose's powerful reflections: visit his blog


First Night of Street Retreat

By Ed Bowers


Friday night the rain
was a slow train
passing through
without a set schedule;
everyone who fell into it

became invisible.


Something is always wrong when
you are homeless,

but the invisible life must endure,


pretending to be confident,


and you search for an exit door
to hide under;
doors like that offer freedom

to the ones who own them,

and they will stand there

without complaint for you,

unless their owners

see you using them.


The only time I'm seen out here

is when they think I'm doing something wrong.


It's still raining.

Four Corners Friday!

Each month The Gubbio Project participates in 4 Corner Friday a community-building event to strengthen relationships among neighbors in the Tenderloin: residents, families, children, businesses, organization, housed and unhoused. 

Gubbio staff members Emma and Ed share coffee and chat with neighbors.

In This Issue
Save the Date: 
W. Kamau Bell

On December 3, 2015, The Gubbio Project will be hosting a fundraiser featuring comedian, Kamau Bell. Save the date! More information to come. 
Spotlight on Kevin

When we found Kevin to talk with him about this spotlight article, he was busy helping the weekly masseuse from Care Through Touch setup her table (they come weekly to provide massage for homeless guests). Kevin keeps busy but he was willing to take a few minutes to talk with us.


We asked Kevin why he volunteers at Gubbio and he said, "I'm inspired by Jesus. Jesus was a helper!" Kevin is one of our folks who slept on the pews at one time and during that time started helping with clean up. He kept it up and still volunteers daily although he is now housed and has been for the last 4 months. Originally from Seattle, Kevin moved to San Francisco in 1999. When we asked Kevin why he came to rest at The Gubbio Project before he had an apartment he said the reason he came here was because it is a church. In his spare time Kevin likes to listen to music and write lyrics and poetry.


Last fall, Kevin was bestowed the title of "Head Guest Volunteer" which reflects his commitment and consistency. With over 5 years of volunteering, he certainly deserves the title.  As head guest volunteer, his usual tasks include training new volunteers, sweeping and mopping, helping move supplies like blankets when needed and as he said, "everything I'm asked to do!" 


Thanks, Kevin!

New Phone Numbers

The Gubbio Project recently acquired a new office space, generously donated by The St. Anthony Foundation. We now have three phone numbers. 

Tina Christopher, Program Manager
Jose Lopez, Vincentian Service Corps Member
- For questions related to program activities, in-kind donations, website/social media or breakfast volunteering

Emma Fenton-Miller, Development Associate 
- For q uestions concerning development, grants, donations, bequests or events 

Laura Slattery, Executive Director
- For questions regarding media, speaking engagements, workshops,   publicity,  or piloting Gubbio in another location
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