Enrollment and Service Updates
We are excited to welcome 118 new members into our unemployment programs in 2017! New members represent several sectors of the nonprofit community, including charter schools, food banks, museums, housing authorities, tribal entities and public libraries, in 26 states across the country. 

On average, new 2017 members are saving $21,689 of their state unemployment tax costs by enrolling into our programs. This translates into an average savings of $145 per employee!

We look forward to continuing to welcome new members throughout 2017 and working with our existing members on expanding our services. Has your organization signed up for the following services?
Sign up for online access to your real-time reserve balance, invoices, unemployment claims administrator contact information and much more.  Email us to sign up!
Paperless Billing
Receive your invoice via email rather than in a printed, paper format. Have multiple email address assigned to receive a copy! Complete and return this form!

Cyber Monitoring
Monitor up to 10 of each: email address, bank accounts/routing numbers, credit/debit cards/phone numbers at no cost for one year.  Click here to sign up!

Member Spotlight: Idaho Humane Society
Idaho Humane Society staff and their extensive community of volunteers have advocated for the welfare and responsible care of animals for decades. The original Idaho Humane Society dates back as far as the 1890s but since its formal incorporation in 1945, the Idaho Humane Society has been a vital in the passing of local laws including cruelty and dog at large ordinances. Today, its shelter handles more than 12,000 animals per year and runs successful adoption and fostering programs.

Summer, Spring and mini camps are offered to the youth in their community to teach younger generations about humane care for pets and safety around animals. Their Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI) community partnership with the Idaho Department of Correction pairs shelter dogs with inmates who care for the dogs, live with the dogs and train them to teach responsibility, tolerance, empathy and how it feels to make a difference by giving something back to their community. And the new Women Inmate Social Kitty Retreat (WISKR) foster program sends sick cats and young kittens into a correctional facility for around-the-clock care by inmates. The Idaho Humane Society also provides pet food and discounted medical services to families or individuals struggling financially so they don't have to give up their animals due to hardship. These are just a few of the many ways the Idaho Humane Society makes an impact on their community. For more information about their services, please visit their website, https://www.idahohumanesociety.org/.

Success with First Nonprofit Group
In 2008, we estimated that the Idaho Humane Society would save about $3,500 in the first two years in the First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program. They wound up saving almost $40,000! Since 2009, the Idaho Humane Society has saved a total of $116,704 by opting out of paying State Unemployment Taxes. 

We look forward to reducing, managing and safeguarding Idaho Humane Society's budget from uncertain unemployment insurance expenses for many more years so that they can redirect their savings into achieving their goal of creating a humane society.

Benefit Highlight: Discounted Background Services
Finding the right employee or volunteer greatly reduces potential employment liabilities and lowers your exposure to potential unemployment costs. That is why, through our partnership with Coeus Global, First Nonprofit Group offers a service to reduce costs of critical background screens.

Click here to enroll or contact Elizabeth Medina at emedina@firstnonprofit.com / (312) 715-3017 or click here to sign up
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