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Re-Empowerment of the Ara Kara Vortex
What if somebody discovered a secret Magical Chamber with the power to make every wish come true?

Imagine the opportunity to place your heart’s desires in that Magical Chamber and see them come alive.

Wouldn’t you want to be among the first and the fortunate few to access this realm of miracles?

‘The Opportunity of the Decade’

Once every 12 years, the Ara Kara vortex (the premier manifestation vortex) is revitalized in a grand, elaborate ceremony to amplify its power thousand-fold.

Thereafter, this place exudes a divine aura and literally throbs with extraordinary energy to accelerate your material and spiritual growth.

To participate in the Re-Empowerment of the Ara Kara Vortex is a rare and unparalleled privilege in itself! Not to mention the blessings for the fulfillment of your precious goals...

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Ara Kara Vortex: The Magical Chamber for Manifestation

Thiruvavaduthurai, South India is the place where this energy vortex is located.

It is one of the prominent powerspots for the archetypal being Siva associated with ascension and enlightenment. If you are looking to make a profound connection with divine and want to transform your body, mind and soul, this powerspot can help you immensely.

This vortex is significant for the following reasons:

I. Thirumoolar and Ara Kara

Thirumoolar This is where Thirumoolar, one of the greatest of all enlightened beings, merged with the divine. He did penance here for 3000 years, and composed one divine hymn every year after being absorbed in meditation for the entire year.

Thirumoolar was the Siddha master, who while in deep meditation, cognized the ultimate manifesting mantra – ‘Ara Kara’. It is one of the supreme quantum sounds for manifesting. It can purify your body and turn your body into light. It can also end the life-death cycle by removing the desire to reincarnate.

Ara Kara: The Impossibility-Buster Mantra

Impossibility is a material concept. For the spirit, there is nothing that is impossible. How do we get into the spirit, which knows the secret of impossibility?

Ara Kara is the sacred mantra that busts the ‘impossibility’ concept in our mind. ‘Aa’ is the primordial energy, ‘Ra’ is the energy of fire, ‘Ka’ is the first principle of matter, and ‘Ra’ again is the energy of fire.

Together, Ara Kara makes the great secret of removing the concept of impossibility from our mind. Everything becomes possible with Ara Kara as you are in the domain of the spirit.
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II. Personal Experience of Dr. Pillai

This is where Dr Pillai re-connected with energies of ascension and enlightenment. Several years ago, when Dr Pillai walked into the sanctum sanctorum (inner chamber) here, he felt being pulled by a tremendous energy.

He was just about to unite his life force with the Siva Linga (archetypal symbol) here. Dr. Pillai stopped himself just in time as he wanted to complete his mission on earth. That is the sheer power of the Siva Linga here!

III. Powerspot of Miracles

Here, Siva gave liberation to Goddess Parvati who had taken the form of a cow. Many Siddha masters attained Siddhi (supernormal) powers here and some of them attained liberation.

Some of the miracle stories that were witnessed here – a childless king blessed with progeny; archetypal being Vishnu received the gift of Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant; sage Agasthiyar granted knowledge by Ganesha; the archetypal being of fire Agni got rid of his curse; the saint Sundarar got relieved of his illness.

Re-Empowerment of the Ara Kara Vortex (Jan 26)

Siddha masters

The celebrations will start a few days before January 26th and will include - several important fire rituals, specialized rituals, Vedic chantings, Thirumarai (hymns by saints in praise of Siva) chantings, spiritual discourses, variety entertainment, awarding of prizes, releasing of a festival magazine, and so on.

Several major repairs and renovations are being carried out, which include – addition of new Gopurams (temple towers), construction of new Mandapams (halls), and replacement of old Kalasams (sanctified copper pots) with new ones.

Special Highlight

During the restoration work, a new Mandapam (hall) is planned to be built in the sanctum sanctorum of Thirumoolar – the Siddha master who gave us the ‘Ara Kara’ manifesting mantra.

Kumba-abishekam On January 26th, the most important highlight is the Kumba-abishekam (ritual anointation of the crown of temple) ceremony to be performed between 9:00 to 10:30 AM (IST). It will involve bathing of the Raja Gopurams (royal temple towers), Vimaanas (steeples) and the main deities with energized water from Kalasams (sanctified copper pots).

This ceremony has an everlasting effect on the society as a whole. It is conducted with the sole purpose of eradicating all illnesses, obtaining benefits from various rituals, and bringing all-round prosperity to all.

At the completion of this ceremony, the statues of the archetypes will be infused with maximum power and the vortex itself will be restored to its full potency.

3 Ways to Participate: Receive Grace and Manifest Your Dreams

I. Sponsor Food for the Participants

Sponsor Food This is the powerspot where Angaraka (Mars) was bestowed with the status of a planetary entity and was blessed after performing Anna Dhaanam (food donation).

As per Vedic texts, food is the essence of the whole creation and food donation is the highest form of donation.

This rare occasion will be attended by leaders from different faiths, heads of spiritual organizations, Vedic experts, temple workers and people from all walks of life. Donating food during such a grand event can bring divine grace into the lives of the sponsors. Note: You can sponsor food for 27, 54 or 108 persons.

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II. Sponsor Clothes for the Vedic Experts and Workers

Sponsor Clothes Since this is a special event that happens once in 12 years, it requires massive planning and implementation by hundreds of people. The temple artisans, local workers, neighboring villagers, Vedic Specialists, the officials, and many more would have toiled for a long time to make this divine spectacle possible.

Honoring these dedicated individuals with gifts at the end of the ceremony is the apt way to respect their contribution. Sponsoring clothes for them can bring great blessings for the sponsors. Note: You can sponsor clothes for 10, 25 or 50 persons.
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III. Sponsor Milk for Abishekam of the Sacred Bull Nandhi

Sponsor Milk for Abishekam This is a major powerspot for Siva’s Sacred Bull Nandhi, who is an archetypal being and Siddha master. Nandhi was bestowed with the status of being Siva’s mount at this place only.

Another highlight is that there are no Nandhi statues on the temple walls; it is said that the Goddess of this temple converted all the Nandhi statues on the temple walls into a powerful warrior to fight the armies of a king who attacked the place.

The Nandhi statue here is immensely huge and powerful. However, Dr. Pillai found that it was not being hydrated properly, so he is organizing Abishekam (ritual anointation) for the Nandhi every Pradosham (13th Moon phase).

Sponsoring milk for this ritual can remove your bad karma in different areas of life, so that you can manifest the things you want. Note: The next Pradosham is on Jan 31st (IST). You can sponsor 50 or 100 litres of milk for the ritual.

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