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Sunday, May 7th
9:15am - Jr High & Sr High Sunday School 
10:30am - Concurrent Worship Services: SENIOR RECOGNITION SUNDAY IN KING HALL
11:45am- SOS Team Meeting
Wednesday, May 10th
No Wednesday Night Programs until Fall 2017


The Gospel's Response to Final Exams

" I would teach my children that their performance on exams does not affect one iota God's perfect, unwavering love for them. I would tell them that their response to academic expectations is an opportunity to honor God. I heard Tim Keller say at a conference, "Do your work as unto the Lord." Preparing for adulthood is the "work" of childhood. We want our children to believe that taking exams is an opportunity to love and serve God."

"Fortunately our children's lives as Christ followers are not defined by their performances, and his perfect sacrifice on the cross is our final assessment. St. Paul writes, "Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him." May we govern and teach our children that in Christ we live confidently the life that has been authored by Him and assigned to each of us." 

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Wednesday Nights  
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What do our students say about RYM Colorado?

"The RYM trip in Colorado two years ago was one of the greatest trips that I have been on with the church. Throughout the hiking, Spikeball and volleyball tournaments (which we won!), jumping into a frozen lake, and our daily lessons on the different topics of your journey with the Lord, we got to experience all of this in God's beautiful creation of the Rocky Mountains! It was honestly one of the greatest weeks of my life and I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to go!!" - Callie Maffett

"RYM Colorado is the best RYM there is! Hiking every day, getting to stay in the Rocky Mountains--it's great!" - Barrett Irmscher

"RYM Colorado was one of the best weeks of my life hands down! Being able to spend time with the Lord and friends in the great Rocky Mountains was really amazing!" - Ryan Shaw
"Good memories: The hikes, worship, Jacqueline falling out of the Gaga ball pit, Callie and I jumping into the freezing lake, the classes we took and the devotions were absolutely amazing. "PARKOUR""- Rosalee Kelley

"It was so much fun! Getting to visit Colorado and study God's Word with friends, made it the best trip ever! Also, the bus ride there and back was a memorable experience; I love long trips!"- Matt Sartorato

"RYM Colorado was my first Senior High summer trip and it was probably one of my favorites. The teachers in the classes that we signed up for were amazing, and I really loved the opportunities to hike and compete in different sports like volleyball and ultimate frisbee. I really enjoyed the impactful teachings by the conference leaders and our FPC small group leaders." - Pierce Monroe

"RYM was incredible!! I'm so glad that I got the chance to see God's beautiful creation of the Rockies, while learning more about Him!" - Jacqueline Cline


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What do our students say about RYM Florida?

"Students should go because it's so much fun. You get to have fun at the beach with your friends while still getting a great opportunity to grow closer to God!"- Mary Mac Pittman


Parent Resources:

Here is the April Parent Newsletter from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (
Here is a link to the audio recordings of the main speaker and the elective teachers from RYM conferences:
Here is a link to the new youth Sunday school curriculum that we'll be using in the fall:

Here (staying consistent with it) is a link to an incredible resource for teaching your student about Scripture. For free, the Bible Project uses animated videos to help their viewer understand the structure and themes of the Bible.

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