This Week...
Sunday, June 3rd
8:30am: Jr High Mission Trip Team Members Arrive
9:15am-10:15am- Jr High & Sr High Sunday School
10:30am - Church 

Tuesday, June 5th
6:00pm- 9:00pm- Sr High Summer Bible Study

Friday, June 8th
4:30pm-9:00pm- Sr High Summer Event




Meet Our Summer Intern

Fiona Glaser

Fiona Glaser is 20 years old and a rising junior at Covenant College. She is majoring in art history with the hopes of going into ministry in the future. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Fiona moved to Indian Trail, North Carolina when she was six and enjoyed the fresh air and Chick-fil-A job she acquired there. (She didn't acquire the Chick-Fil-A job immediately after moving) She loves a good cup of ice cream, cats of any kind, and casseroles. She is super mega excited to be joining the FPC team in Rome for the summer. 

Summer Calendars are HERE!     

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Parent Resources:

Here is the April Parent Newsletter from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (
Here is the link to the audio recording of our guest speaker, Dr John Perritt, for our most recent Parent Seminar. 

Here is a link to the audio recordings of the main speaker and the elective teachers from RYM conferences:
Here is a link to the new youth Sunday school curriculum:

Here (staying consistent with it) is a link to an incredible resource for teaching your student about Scripture. For free, the Bible Project uses animated videos to help their viewer understand the structure and themes of the Bible.

Director of Student Ministries
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High School
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Middle School
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Assistant Director of Student Ministries
Middle School
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High School
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