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First Quarter 2015 Newsletter 

From the President | March 2015


As I sat down to write this column, I was trying to figure out how to put a new spin on this time of year and how to talk again about how busy we all are at this stage of the booking season. While thinking about this I realized that one of the great things about our industry is that as much as we tend to work in the same cycle from year to year, the opportunity we have as artist managers and agents to work with the most creative and amazing people makes every season completely different and so rewarding from year to year. Those of you who are performers or producers have to face the ongoing challenge of keeping your projects fresh every year while working on developing new projects and, our presenter members start every year with a clean calendar and are able to create a completely new season with totally new shows. It makes me think how lucky we all are to be able to call the arts not just our passion but our profession. 

I also wanted to thank the APAC Summit group (the folks from APAP, WAA, AMW, South Arts, IPAY and ANW) for inviting me on behalf on NAPAMA to join them at their annual meeting. It was really very gratifying to be there and have NAPAMA acknowledged as one of the important voices in the industry and I appreciate their generosity and hospitality. You will find more info on the meeting in the newsletter.

And finally - I want to remind everyone about the retreat this year. If you've reviewed the schedule you will see that in addition to the great programming onsite, we will be heading over to the Broward Center for a tour and to meet up with our friends from the Florida Presenters Consortium (whose meeting is concurrent with ours) for a chance to spend some social time together. But, the latest news on the retreat is that our NAPAMA Members meeting on Tuesday afternoon will feature conversation with Mario Garcia Durham from APAP about the conference and ways to improve. See more info in the retreat section below.

Have a great spring - hoping to see many of you in Fort Lauderdale!


~Jerry Ross, President
Greetings from the Board of Directors 

by David Wannen, VP, Membership    

Since September, David Wannen, V.P. of Membership, has been working with APAP on its EmcArts Innovation team. The intensive stage of this very creative process takes place this March at a retreat in Warrenton, VA. David reports that in this work with the EmcArts Innovation Lab, APAP is focusing on membership and new ways to add value and strengthen the sense of belonging to a wide array of members of the performing arts industry.
Welcome new NAPAMA board members  
This January we welcomed three new board members to NAPAMA: 
Elizabeth Roth, Roth Arts
Mr Mojo, Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies
Hank Knerr, Lively Arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Renewing: David Wannen and Chad Herzog

We thank Robin Pomerance (past Treasurer) and Mark Smith for their dedicated service over the last several years.
The Agents & Managers Retreat is filling up ~ Register today  

Panorama compliments of Chrissie D's phone.

The NAPAMA members meeting (open to any members AND non-members who wish to attend) that will take place at the close of the retreat is going to have a slightly different format this year. One of our retreat attendees, Mario Garcia Durham, President and CEO of Arts Presenters, will be our special guest at the meeting. Following a brief bit of business, Mario will participate with us in discussing the business of doing business at the conference and the ways that might best be achieved. This will be a moderated discussion during which both independent artists and agencies of various sizes can talk about how their business can best be done and the steps that can, or possibly cannot be taken. You don't want to miss this unique opportunity to be a part of the shaping of the conference.

You can view the complete agenda and session descriptions on our Facebook page here. The event highlight is guest speaker Andrew Taylor, author of the Artful Manager, and tenured professor in American University's Arts Management Program in Washington, DC. An author, lecturer, researcher, and consultant on a broad range of arts management issues, Andrew specializes in business model development for cultural initiatives and reflective practice for cultural managers.

Additional sessions include Breaking Into New Markets, Striking a Balance in the Workplace, Hiring & Retention, Conflict Resolution, and more. We will also have a site visit to the Broward Center and meet up with our Florida presenter colleagues.

We will be back at the Pelican Grand, a terrific backdrop to the R&R, networking and moderated discussions. The deadline to secure our hotel rate is April 17.

NAPAMA Members: $175 per person after March 1.
Non-NAPAMA Members: $225 per person after March 1. 

Silver Surfer beverage and crab coconut from the coconut races
in the lazy river.
An Update on the APAC Summit from Jerry Ross    
When I arrived at the APAP office in DC, I received a very warm welcome and felt that all there were glad to have NAPAMA represented at this event. Since this was definitely a first for the conference producers to have an organization from 'our' side of the business at their summit, I was not there for the whole event but rather there was time allotted for me to be with them. But our time together was quite involved. I joined them for lunch and was able to spend some time chatting and getting 'acclimated' to the group. Following lunch we all went into the conference room and as we began they had some very specific inquiries and issues that had come up during their earlier conversations. Following those there were a number of other topics that we wound up discussing including trade show exhibit height limitations, a number of things about showcasing issues including possibly a joint committee with conference and NAPAMA folks, showcase deadlines, showcase liaison(s) and new guidelines for showcase producers to have to sign off on. We also discussed possible pre-conference activities at APAP and maybe regionals that could work as networking for early arrivals, ways to engage showcasing artists more in conference activities, how to discourage non-registrants (both agents and presenters) from attending and trying to do business outside the conferences, the culture of appointments at the conferences and what may be done about it, a listing of the various comments/questions/suggestions I got from my outreach and, some situational specific issues and my (NAPAMA's) response to how they were or should have been handled. There was limited time to spend together and, the conversation was so engaging that they elected to go past the allotted time for continued conversation. I felt that this was an outstanding and productive first step in NAPAMA's being involved in the conference discussion and am hopeful for a continued and deepening involvement with them.
Congratuations to our NAPAMA Presenter and Agent/Management Awardees: Dayna Martinez (Presenter) and Sue Endrizzi Morris (Agent). 




To view all the photos, check out our Facebook album here.

(Photography: Adam Kissick/APAP) 

The NAPAMA and APAP board breakfast at APAP
Once again we were honored to join our APAP board colleagues for some networking time prior to the start of the APAP. For the full photo album, click here .


(Photography: Adam Kissick/APAP) 

Conference Updates

2015 dates for all conferences are below as are the host city and a link to the conference website for preliminary conference, hotel and travel information. As information on the fall conferences becomes available, including NAPAMA's professional development sessions (Making Artistic Cents), and the Caravan, we will inform you via NAPAMA Alerts and our June newsletter. Showcase applications are still open for WAA and can be be accessed via IWantToShowcase. 


PA Presenters Spring Networking Conference

The PA Presenters Spring Networking Conference will be at the Historic Omni Bedford Springs in Bedford, PA. Register here.


Western Arts Alliance

The WAA conference will be in Vancouver, BC August 31-September 3.  Click here for all details .

WAA has been generous in offering ways to make crossing the boarder a little easier. Details are here.

Showcase application deadline is April 8, 2015.

Application here


Arts Midwest

The Arts Midwest will be in Kansas City, MO September 9-12.

Click here for all details.

South Arts/Performing Arts Exchange

PAE will be in Baltimore, MD September 28-October1.


Arts Northwest

Arts Northwest will be in Boise, ID October 12-15 

Click here for all details.


Ohio Arts Presenters Network (OAPN)
OAPN will be in Sandusky, OH October 19-21.    

Click here for all details.


TamizdatAVAIL for arts professionals to assist with visa issues    
TamizdatAVAIL is a non-profit project that provides both urgent and long term solutions to pervasive U.S. visa problems faced by the international performing arts community. The project has three parts:

TamizdatAVAIL Hotline is a free hotline that provides performing arts professionals with urgent legal assistance regarding U.S. visa issues. It is staffed by legal professionals and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.
TamizdatAVAIL Pro Bono Team is a volunteer lawyer program that provides free advice to performing arts professionals who have already filed an I-129 and are experiencing a problem in a subsequent stage of the visa process. 

TamizdatAVAIL Dispatch Newsletter Tamizdat's legal staff collects and analyzes current case data on artist visa issues encountered by the performing arts community, monitors trends in U.S.C.I.S. and Department of State processing and policy, and publishes the monthly TamizdatAVAIL Dispatch newsletter to make its findings and recommendations available to the relevant government bodies, interested advocacy organizations, and the public.

Click below to learn more about the project and services:
Read the official press release here.

News from Future of Music Coalition

Canada Scraps Work Permit Requirements for Touring Musicians

This week, the Canadian government opted to dramatically change the labor regulations placed on non-Canadian acts touring in Canada. The decision essentially reverses last summer's decision that drew the ire of the American Association of Independent Musicians(A2IM) and the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) among others.


Read the entire article here.
Traveling With Instruments? The US Department Of Transportation Just Simplified Air Travel For Musicians

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a final rule implementing section 403 of the FAAModernization and Reform Act of 2012, requiring U.S. airlines to accept musical instruments as carry-on or checked baggage on commercial passenger flights, provided that certain conditions are met. 


Read the entire article here.
Member News
Simon Shaw of Shaw Entertainment is pleased to announce the addition of Kennedy Center Theatre for Young Audiences on Tour
to his roster. Since 1992, Kennedy Center Theater for Young Audiences on Tour has been a leader in bringing imaginative and original works to communities around the nation. 

Simon's roster artist Titus also won the esteemed Victor Award at this year's IPAY showcase. Titus, originally written by Belgian writer Jan Sobrie, was awarded the Dutch-German Author Prize in 2007 and is considered one of Europe's most successful plays for young people. The new English version, written by Oliver Emanuel and directed by Lu Kemp, premiered at the Imaginate Festival, Edinburgh in May 2012. The Victor Award recognizes the showcase attendees favorite showcase over the four days. Below, Simon and 

Ollie Emanuel (he adapted the English script from the original Belgian play).



We were disappointed to learn that our dear colleague Megan Torkelson from Arts Midwest would be leaving the organization. She has been an asset to Arts Midwest as well as NAPAMA and all of us on the board as well as membership will miss her. From Angela Urbanz in mid-January:

I wanted to be in touch to let you know that the Arts Midwest Conference planning team will be experiencing a staff transition in the coming months. Megan Torkelson, program manager for the Conference, has resigned to support the changing needs of her family. Megan has been a part of the Arts Midwest family since 2009. Her many talents have contributed to our programming in countless ways and those who know her understand how much she will be missed.

NAPAMA thanks Megan for everything and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors! 


Kevin Spencer leading a residency this winter. 


Jennifer Morris, Chrissie DiAngelus and Jerry Ross at IPAY



Be sure to visit the website for updates including joining/renewing your membership in our new membership database.  

Wishing you a terrific spring!
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