This Weekend
"Don't Forget the Snacks and Magazines "
Rev. Tina Simson, Preaching
Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 10:00am
Music by  Zachary Zwahlen

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Next Weekend
Rev. Libby Moore, Preaching
"Unchartered Territory"
Rev. Tina Simson, Co-Leading
Joys & Sorrows
Let Us Keep You In Our Thoughts and Prayers
The memorial service for Esel Rasor has been rescheduled for Friday, June 30 at 2:00pm . Please hold John Rasor in your hearts and prayers as he recovers from recent surgery.  "To live in hearts that love is not to die."  If you have a concern about a member of our congregation, please don't hesitate to contact Rev. Tina at 585-271-9070 x104.
Summer Assignment by Rev. Tina Simson
As UUs, how do we build spiritual connection through our Journey?
Each summer our church community engages in a summer spiritual exercise. We do this to keep our faith close to our heart, as we travel away with our minds or with our feet, committing to return to our home in the fall.  OUR SUMMER EXERCISE:  Find a stone and bring it to church in September.

As UU's and members of this church community, we covenant with one another to travel together on this journey of life and faith. And since our religion does not ask us to adhere to a creed but to live our faith in deeds, our tasks must include helping one another along this journey. 
If you think over your life, I'm pretty sure you can identify the times when people stepped in to clear your path, to help remove obstacles and to walk beside you and be your "stepping stone."  A stepping-stone is a sturdy flat rock on which to stand as you cross a rushing stream. It is also defined as something that helps you achieve a goal. 
Our summer spiritual exercise then, is to find a stone that represents that time in your life where the stream was rushing, and that person who was your stepping stone, the sturdy rock on which you stood.  Wander in the parks, the woods, the lake, the ocean or just your back yard. Allow yourself to remember and find the perfect rock or rocks and bring them to homecoming Sunday, September 10 as we welcome one another home with Radical Hospitality. 
In faith,
Rev. Tina
Exciting New Worship Project with Orange Sky
In mid-May, Rev. Joel Miller and Music Director Thom Snell got together with Orange Sky leader Melissa Boyack for a general check-in. That evening Melissa voiced an idea that quickly sparked a plan for a new form of congregational gathering. Now that the details have coalesced, we are thrilled to formally announce this new concept.

Starting this September, we invite you to join Soul Assembly, a once-a-month, mostly lay-led, intergenerational night of worship centered on the arts. As with Saturday services of the past seven years, the heart of this monthly service will be rock & popular contemporary music by our house band Orange Sky. But wait, there's more! Soul Assembly will be released from the structure of a standard, sermon-centered order of service, allowing for a deeper, more innovative exploration of the contemporary arts. Watch for elements like video, readings, slam poetry, personal reflections and more, as we celebrate the wonderful creative strengths of our church community. 
This idea emerged at just the right time, in many respects. First, Rev. Joel has pointed out that three weekly worship services are unsustainable with only two ministers, and he is excited that we'll be providing another opportunity for congregants to be involved in creating and leading worship. Also, Thom is looking to diversify musical offerings on Sunday mornings, and this change will allow Orange Sky to play once a month at the 9:30am service on Sundays. This means beginning this fall there will not be a weekly Saturday service. (While to some this might initially feel like a loss, we encourage our regular Saturday attendees to join us on this journey. We trust that you will come to view these changes as a clear net positive.)
From September through November, as we work around short-term scheduling hiccups, please watch for announcements regarding the timing of Soul Assembly and Orange Sky participation in Sunday 9:30am services. By December, the schedule for Soul Assembly will regulate to 7:00pm on the second Saturday of each month, with Orange Sky leading music on the fourth Sunday of the month at the 9:30am service. 
Events Calendar
Our online  Events Calendar is live! Be sure to view it regularly to see the many ways to listen, open and serve at our church.  
Happening in the Week Ahead
Summer Books Sales Begin
Once again, we will be selling books in the Susan B. Anthony Room before and after Sunday service.  Please bring in books to add to our selection.  No text books, magazines, home improvement or technical books, no children's books or coffee table books.  Needed are fiction, history, biographies and mysteries; light reading for the summer.
Nature Walk This Sunday
The Environmental Climate Task Force is sponsoring a nature walk with Landscape Team member Karen Evans this  Sunday, June 25, at 11:15am. We will meet outside the church main entrance. Both families with children and individuals are invited to join us. At the end of the walk, we will meet in the Council Circle for a snack and questions, and for more information about our beautiful gardens. So that we have an idea how many are interested, please respond to Sue Steepy .
And let's hope we have a sunny day!
Intergenerational Fun and Games
Stay after Service this Sunday, June 25, 12:00-2:00pm, to enjoy our beautiful gardens and grounds. Bring your friends and family, and your favorite outdoor game to share such as frisbee, golf, bean bag toss, bocce, croquet, for an afternoon of intergenerational fun. All ages are welcome. Pack a picnic lunch if you like and meet on the patio outside the Susan B. Anthony Lounge. Contact 
Fritz Lange for info and details.
Do You Have a Key to the Building?
In the coming church year, we will be making some changes to address several security issues at the church. The first part of that will be re-keying the front and back doors, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27. All persons who are on the list of current key holders will be advised via email, and they will each need to turn in their old key, and sign out a new key. We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation with this necessary security measure.  
Accepting Nominations for the Greater Good Project - Deadline Extended!
Do you know a community organization that empowers people and aligns with UU values? The Greater Good Committee is interested in hearing our church members' nominations for next year's Greater Good Project. We will collect nominations through Tuesday, June 27 at 5:00pm. To nominate a non-profit you believe in, email Greater Good Project , or visit the Greater Good table after services on Sunday, June 25 to submit nominations.
Two Different Roads
The Williams Gallery welcomes Norma Mooney, a China (porcelain) painter and watercolorist. She is excited to give viewers a chance to see these two different art forms together in her exhibit, "Two Different Roads." Ms. Mooney says: "I have been a China painter for 45 years, mastering an art that was made a 'fine art' by President Jimmy Carter. In China painting, the artist paints on porcelain, usually after it is fired. Because it is fired in a kiln, it can never be destroyed by light. Earlier in my career, I painted vases and plates, but most of my current work in China painting is on slabs which can be framed like any other art. In contrast, watercolor is a much freer form of art, more flowing, allowing water to help create the piece, one that mimics nature but with a different interpretation." Ms. Mooney's show runs through Monday, August 21. Opening Reception is Friday, June 30, 5:00-7:00pm.
Upcoming Events & News
Gifts and Talent Auction
The Gifts and Talent Auction was held at the end of March and the last of the items purchased have been distributed and payment has been received. Total dollars raised to support the 2016-17 budget year is $11,000. Thank you to all who donated and purchased these wonderful gifts and talents.
Rummage Sale a Success!
Rummage Sale coordinators Betsy Stewart and Sandy Hollands would like to thank all the donors who gave us such great items to sell, and especially the volunteers who helped sort, stack, move and decorate to be able to make the money for our church.  A special thanks also to our Sextons for their hard work, to the Bifriars who collected $200 for your wonderful baked goods, to Colleen for putting up signs, and Betsy and Chris for taking care of publicity on Craigslist and Facebook.  Thank you also to Linda Meagher in charge of the Boutique and Rick Leisner in charge of the books. It looks like we made over $9,000 (estimate does not include all credit card sales). We are hoping to hit 10K - a final count will be coming soon. Thanks again to all who helped make this major church fundraiser a success! 
Carlos' Big "Small Favor"
If you missed Rev. Carlos' heartfelt parting request at his goodbye lunch Sunday, you can watch it on the church Facebook page.
Why March in the Pride Parade? 
We say we want to have visibility in the community.  We say that we want our UU values known, in these times of uncertainty. Here is one way we make it happen.
March with us in the Pride Parade, with other UUs, behind our banner on Saturday, July 15, 1:00pm We are registered under the name GUUSTO (Genesee UU Societies Together). Just ask the folks with the clipboards where GUUSTO is gathering; they will give you directions. Even if you have never marched with the group before, come join us as UUs and continue to take this stand for social justice.  Registration for the parade is paid for through a collaboration between our church and First Universalist Churches.  All UU churches are invited to participate.
Food Cupboard Suggestions
Borrowing a "most needed items" list from the Community Food Cupboard, please bring tuna or canned meat, low sodium vegetables, liquid hand soap, or whatever you are inspired to contribute. For questions or more information, email  Alison Wilder .
The UU Open Golf Outing is Less Than Four Weeks Away
If you enjoy golf, do join us for an afternoon of fun golf On Sunday, July 16, 1:00pm, and then socialize over a meal. You might even win the tournament and have your name engraved on the UU Open Trophy, or perhaps you might hit the ball closest to the hole or drive your ball the furthest. These are all recognized achievements at the UU Open. We're getting close to the maximum number of players we have space for, so don't hesitate. Email  Larry Eldridge and let him know that you want to play. Give him a guess as to your handicap so he can assemble good competitive groups (well, we'll do a little pairing so we don't have all the strongest players on one team). You can do all this for just $45 if you want to walk or $50 if you want to ride. We play nine holes at Parkview Fairways in a scramble format. It's fun. 
Environmental Climate Task Force  Green  Tip of the Week
It's been wet, and a lot of that wet is coming from large downpours of rain in our area. Could it be climate change? Warming increases evaporation and transpiration by vegetation, causing the atmosphere to hold more water vapor. When an upper atmosphere cooling event occurs it rains, and now there's more water to come down. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has maps showing the region with the highest increase in this phenomenon, and it's us with 74%. It doesn't just seem like there are heavier downpours, it's happening right here, right now! No better time to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose.

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