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Every year Centro and local partners rally together to create holiday baskets for families in our community that experience hardships throughout the winter months. Our baskets include a combination of staple food items and toys for children in need. We open up our application process for families in early December, and receive information necessary to craft unique baskets based on a family's request.

We provided 206 general baskets of food. Estimating a reach of 1,000 in this category alone.

Success Story
Artemio Corona

Artemio Corona started coming to Prosperidad in November of 2017.  He came in with hopes of earning his GED to attend Barber school. In the short time that Artemio has been coming to Prosperidad, his dedication can be seen through his excellent coursework. In the last two months, Artemio has passed three GED exams in; English, Social Studies, and Science. All with a score of 150 or higher. Artemio is on the last stretch of his GED program with one exam left and, is on track to finish in February. In the Spring time, Artemio will begin classes at a local Barber school. Artemio is an outstanding student who has shown true dedication to Prosperidad. We believe it is it important to highlight the work our students are doing and continue to do so on their path to success. 
"This experience has been hard but well worth it. It also has advanced my opportunities and my own knowledge. I got to work with great people who really care about helping others. Teachers are great and very helpful. They go above and beyond to help you succeed. Anything is possible!"  
                                                      - Artemio Corona
Meet the Newest Addition to the Prosperidad Team!

Paulina Salgado
Business Development Manager

We're proud to welcome Paulina Salgado to the Prosperidad team as a Business Development Manager. Paulina has done business assistance for the last three and a half years. She will continue to work with Washington County entrepreneurs to start their businesses and existing businesses. 

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Its a Wrap!

Community Dinner

This year's Cena NavideƱa (Christmas Dinner), we served delicious traditional Mexican mole and birria. Over 150 community members along side their families attended. 

Tamale Night!
Una Cena con Centro y el Port of Portland

I n partnership with the Port of Portland, we hosted Tamale night! 

In efforts to further engage the community of Washington County, Centro and the Port of Portland are offering tours of Hillsboro Airport. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the airport in our area and for community members voices to be heard for the  Master Plan of Hillsboro Airport. Sign up for our upcoming tours  here.


Our second annual Costume Kumbia Night  mini-fundraiser was a success. We danced the night away in costumes, and enjoyed delicious empanadas and popusas. Thank you to everyone who came to support our event.

A special thank you to DJ AB and Arcoiris Sonateco Comida Cazera!