PTO meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning in September.  All PTO meetings will be held at Children' House for the 15-16 School Year. Child care is provided as courtesy to you. 


Next meeting:

Tuesday, Sept. 8th








 Volunteer Update:  Beginning in late September we will welcome Parent Volunteers into the classrooms.  Your Classroom  Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch.
Parent Folders are available with the sign in sheets on your child's playground. 
Have questions or concerns:  see Alexia in the office.  You are welcome anytime. 


Children's House:


First week updates....


The staff of Children's House wishes to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year.  It was a real pleasure to welcome friends, new and returning. We are all looking forward to a successful year; already young friends are greeting each other and setting into the daily routine.    
We hope to see many of you this evening for our first Parent Education Night of the year.  This evening your child's teacher will provide you with an overview of Montessori Philosophy/History, Work Period, & tour of the classroom.  As the year progresses you will be provided with additional & in-depth Parent Education Nights focusing on specific areas of the classroom. Yu can choose to attend all during this year or spread out your attendance during your child's three year cycle at Children's House; these events will reoccur annually. 
Clarification on tonight's event time:  Your school calendar listed 5:30pm as the start time for tonight's event; I erroneously posted 5:15 pm on all the dry erase announcement boards.  I apologize and sincerely hope my oversight does not inconvenience you terribly.  Children's House Staff wish to welcome you beginning at 5:15pm; staff will be greeting families and will begin the evening shorty after.  If you planned on arriving no earlier than 5:30, do not fret, simply join your child's classroom when you arrive.  Child-watch is available on the front playground area during Parent Education time; once the classroom tour ends you will be responsible for your child. We ask that families honor the same playground and  building norms that we adhere to during the school day.    
A potluck will follow the Parent Education portion of the evening.  Please bring a dish to share.  Kiva will provide utensils and beverages. 
We are looking forward to seeing you this evening.  .   
Pick up & Drop Off review. 

 If you have been around awhile, you may have noticed some changes to our daily schedule as well as drop off and pick up procedures.  Staff worked very hard to plan out the day; however, as fate has it some of our planning has come undone by the natural sequence of life unfolding.  We appreciate your willingness to offer input and for understanding that as our school population grows some of our old norms must fall away in order to ensure our young friends' safety.   


Morning drop off:  Beginning at 7:55am, your child's teacher will be available on your child's assigned playground for drop off.  You must remain with your child until an adult staff member is present on the playground; please remember to sign your child in with a full signature and sign-in time. We ask that you take your child straight to their assigned playground with their gear and not through the building-each play ground has its own entry; your child's teacher will guide your child to stow their gear appropriately and independently when they enter the building. If you need to come to the Office, we ask that you do so after signing in your child; we want them to maximize their outside time as much as possible. 


Mid-day & Full Day Pick-Up:  Departure times depending on your child's schedule are 11:15am & 3:05pm.  Staff ask that you wait on the front playground area until your child's teacher escorts your child to you.  The front entryway became very congested and unsafe earlier this week and in many cases children were still working when parents began arriving; after convening the staff & I made the call to consider your child's safety and honor their work time; hence the change.  Once children have been released, the front doors will remain open for those who need to make office contact or to visit with a teacher.  We will make every effort to have your children outside by 3:00pm; conversely we ask for understanding for the next few weeks as we guide new friends through the daily routine.


Inclement Weather:  In the event of extreme old, downpour or blizzard-At drop off, report to your child's classroom via foyer for drop off; be prepared to leave your child at their classroom door.  Pick up can also be made via foyer.  Your child's teacher will bring your child to you; we ask that you do not enter the classroom as it causes confusion and children begin leaving the classroom searching for parents in the crowd, creating an unsafe situation. 


Parking:  Please observe the parking lines painted our small lot.  If you pull forward towards the north playground, pull all the way forward so as to not block in others.  The Parque da Vida baseball field lot s available for you use; please use the crosswalk when crossing Empire St.  Another parking option will be available beginning next week.  The Cortez Community Garden area (just west of our school grounds)  is also available or parking; a gate is being installed in the back playground to permit easy access.  We ask that you please pull all the way down to the round about parking zone and do not clock the one-way driveway.