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MMS Autism Newsletter
Hello Everyone!
Welcome to our first ever MMS Autism Newsletter!  We hope to be able to share recent protocol developments with you, as well as what we like to call "miracles," real stories of real children on the spectrum getting better.  Thank you so much for joining us!

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Recent News  
Plenty of changes have been happening lately at MMS Autism.  First of all, did you check out our updated website?  The updated MMS Protocol can be found there with helpful graphics for any newcomers.  Links to Andreas Kalcker's sites and Youtube videos are now available there as well, along with new miracles! 

Speaking of miracles, more and more children are improving using a combination of MMS and a protocol to address parasites/worms.  Andreas Kalcker and his wife Mirriam Carrasco have authored a parasite protocol which, when combined with MMS, has been producing some incredible results in children on the spectrum.  It has been estimated that 2/3 of the world's population has a parasitic infection, and the autism population is not exempt. 

Here's a few things to know, the parasite protocol cannot be applied without first having implemented the full MMS Protocol.  Second, the Parasite Protocol contains Prescription Anti-Helminths (medications for killing parasites) and obviously these need a prescription and medical supervision.  Third, testing for parasites/worms is at the moment woefully inadequate.  Classic laboratory stool analysis is showing false positives when parasites are visibly present.  The only method that has so far yielded results is microscopy at the hands of an expert in parasites.  Later this year Andreas' book Parasites: The Silent Enemy will be published and it will outline the protocol and much more.  It will be for purchase at   If you would like more info on the parasite protocol now, please write to us at

Kerri has been busy lately with a conference in Venezuela (above photo is of her and Andreas in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela) followed by Miami.  Venezuela featured not only Kerri, but Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker, and Dr. Anju Usman. The conference featured the release of a video spotlighting 16 children that have completely lost their autism diagnosis thanks to biomedical interventions designed by Kerri Rivera and implemented with the help of Fundacion Venciendo el Autismo. (Defeating Autism Foundation).  Check out the amazing video on Youtube and click CC on the bottom right of the video screen to see the English captions.  Youtube video here.  

The conference in Miami was hosted by the GM Autism Foundation and featured Kerri as well as Ms. World International Heidi Scheer.

Recently Kerri was interviewed by Terri Arranga, co-founder of AutismOne, on Health VoiceAmerica Radio.  They discussed MMS and recent developments since Kerri presented at AutismOne 2012 on MMS and Autism Recovery. Recording here.

Do you want some facts about MMS to share with a friend or someone you've just met?  Check out the MMS Facts sheet here.

Phew!  That should be all for now!

Jessica's Miracle  
My husband and I have two beautiful boys who are four and seven. Our seven year old had PDD-NOS and PANDAS and our four year old is undiagnosed, but with every single symptom of ODD. We have been treating our boys with biomedicine for 4+ years with many ups and downs, but in our hearts, we just always felt like something was missing from our regimen. We would see progress, but they were so unpredictably unstable still. Even more disturbing is that our younger son's dietary limitations have become incredibly restrictive.

Most recently, our seven year old was experiencing a PANDAS flare that just kept escalating. We chose many natural treatments that just didn't touch the OCD, anger and tics, they continued to worsen. Meanwhile, although never diagnosed with PANDAS (only because he doesn't have the titers or the tics) our other son was spiraling out of control with him. Strange coincidence? Probably not. Something was tying our boys' symptoms together and it just never crossed my mind it could be parasites!

Fast forward to only one and a half months into treatment with the MMS protocol designed by Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker. Our seven year old is no longer experiencing PANDAS symptoms and his ATEC score went from 64 (during that last PANDAS flare) to 8!! Our four year old is still being titrated up in the protocol, but his behavior has changed significantly and his ATEC score went from 80 to 22!! These are incredible improvements, but it doesn't stop there. We've also seen improvements in their energy, mitochondria symptoms are completely gone, they are happy and enjoying things that once caused anxiety, they finally sleep wonderfully, and most exciting is that my younger son and I aren't constantly dumping oxalates any more. The bonus to treating the whole family is that we are seeing these improvements together.

I knew from researching MMS that it would pack a powerful punch, but I had NO idea it could round out just about every symptom that needed addressing in our house. Thank you Kerri for pioneering this amazing treatment protocol!

David, Jessica and 2 happy boys
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