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Win a Trip to Hawaii!

We'll send you to Hawaii courtesy of Hawaiian Kanpachi!  It's very easy. 

All you have to do is register at  Next, share at least one photo of your Hawaiian Kanpachi dish and at least one photo of "Hawaiian Kanpachi" spelled out on your menu or specials board/menu on select social media.  Remember to include the Hawaiian Kanpachi handle on your post.

·        Instagram: @hawaiiankanpachi

·        Twitter: @hawaiiankanpachi

·        Facebook: @hawaiikanpachi

·        Or feel free to email them to with all your info.

After that, whoever orders the most Hawaiian Kanpachi from Samuels Seafood wins!  Here's a great opportunity for chefs who use Hawaiian Kanpachi and those who may be new to it.  The possibilities are endless. Imagine visiting one of the world's most famous and pristine fish farms and of course soaking up the sun in Hawaii.  This great contest concludes on May 26th, enter today!

Wild Fish Happenings

Please speak with your sales rep regarding Fluke availability.  It's the time of year when quotas are decreased and demand begins to increase.  Rhode Island, a large Fluke supplying state recently had its quota cut down to 50 pounds per vessel per day.  Fishermen are also only allowed to fish for Fluke Monday-Thursday.  New Jersey and Massachusetts have also had significant quota restrictions.  In addition, the Virginia season is closed until fall.  Samuels is working to keep as much Fluke available as possible.  We always bring in the highest quality fish, please speak with your rep regarding availability and pricing.  We're also providing Nordic Flounder along with Pacific U.S. Flounder.  Blue Point Oysters also still have a limited availability.  Several closures in Long Island Sound have been caused by heavy rainfall.  If you're looking for a great alternative, Delaware Bays offer the same large size and flavor as Blue Points. Choptank Sweet Oysters from Maryland are on sale this month for only 65 cents to Samuels customers.


Samuels has 20 lb and up Wild Striped Bass and Black Sea Bass of all sizes from up and down the mid Atlantic.  Local, head on Mahi are also beginning to make their way into season and the quality is outstanding.  Also beginning to make their way up the coast are fish such as Mako and Albacore.  As the season progresses, Swordfish will soon follow.  Other east coast fish ready for your kitchen include American Red Snapper, trap caught Porgies, Skate, Monkfish and Squid. Over on the west, as the Wild King Salmon season progresses, fish are getting nicer and nicer.  We're featuring 10-15 lb Wild King Salmon from both Alaska and Vancouver Island.  Halibut availability has tightened up a bit, however, we have firm and fantastic fish in house.  

Seasons Closing

May 15th marks the end of Florida Stone Crab Claw season.  Now is the time to get your hands on these claws before the closing.  There's also only about two weeks left in the Wild Ramp season, so Ramp up while you can.

New Crabmeat
New to the Samuels Crab collection is Atlantic Red Crabmeat. Peekytoe and Jonah Crabmeat lovers will really enjoy this brand new treat.  The Red Crabmeat is fresh, all natural and sustainable.  This fishery is the first North American Crabmeat fishery to be recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).  The Red Crab used for this sweet, moist and irresistible meat are harvested off the coast of Massachusetts in depths of over 2,000 feet.  Samuels has tested the meat ourselves and give it two thumbs way up.  We expect our first full shipment soon, speak with your sales rep for more info. 

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