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Local Fish for Valentine's Day
Give the gift of fresh fish for this Valentine's Day. Samuels has the highest quality catch from all over.  Caught close off the shores of Rhode Island, we have beautiful Black Sea Bass in pristine condition because these Black Bass are often responsibly caught in pots and traps.  Rhode Island Fluke catch has been plentiful and we're bringing in Fluke of all sizes.  We're also bringing in Wild Striped Bass caught off the coast of Maryland.  Try out our 8-10 and 10 lb and up fish today.  Shad lovers rejoice with boneless fillets and Roe sets from fish caught in Georgia.  Weather off the coast of Florida has improved this past week and we're happy to provide you American Snapper as well as imported Snapper such as Silk Pargo and Lane Snapper.  While large Squid is still unavailable, we do have regular size and famous Lauren Bay cleaned Calamari. 

As we wait for fishermen to return after the full moon, Swordfish availability is a bit limited.  The Swordfish Samuels is providing customers are from the west coast, off the coast of the Carolina's, the Gulf of Mexico and South America.  Looking for Lobsters this Valentine's Day? We have live meaty Lobsters of all sizes in our live Lobster pools, shipped directly from the coasts of nearby Canada.  

Fish School
At Samuels, we pride ourselves on offering the most diverse line-up of seafood available. With such a unique collection, sometimes we offer seafood that is more obscure, so we're going to take a minute and shed some light on one of our favorite under-the-radar seafood options: Caribbean Red Ling. Also known as King Clip, Caribbean Red Ling is a member of the Cusk Eel family with a fish-like head and body of an Eel. There are four species within the family: Red (G. chilensis), Golden (G. blacodes), South African (G. capensis), and Black (G. maculatus). We offer the Red - the tastiest fish of the species. Caribbean Red Ling have firm, dense flesh that comes off in loose flakes with a sweet, mild flavor reminiscent of Bluenose, Orange Roughy, Cod, or Grouper. They are a main ingredient in spicy Chilean bouillabaisse and they work well in any soup, stew, or curry thanks to their dense meat. They are also great options for grilling, baking, poaching, and sautéing.

Gourmet Mushroom Season
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Morel Mushrooms are back. These high-end mushrooms are famous for their unique flavor - most often described as nutty and meaty. Morels stir up so much excitement early in the season that quantities are limited. Large Morels can be stuffed through the hollow base, or halved and packed with fillings or you can fry or cook morels whole, especially younger ones. Butter brings out its subtle treasured character and it adjusts extremely well to a light cream sauce with Madeira wine. Other delicious options are beautiful, pristine Black Trumpet and Hedgehog Mushrooms. Black Trumpets have a smoky, rich flavor and a pleasant, fruity aroma. They're a great addition to soups, sauces, pasta dishes, seafood recipes, or meals with any sort of meat. Hedgehog Mushrooms are fantastic sautéed, fried, and dried. They have a crunchy, but not chewy texture, with a nutty, peppery, and sometimes fruity flavor similar to Chanterelles. All these gourmet mushrooms are currently available, so speak to your sales rep for ordering.

Overseas Options
The season for Skrei Cod has begun and Samuels is now bringing them in.  Every year during this time, there is a migration of Norwegian Cod from the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands.  This long journey can only be survived by the healthiest, strongest Cod.  This Cod has a bright, impeccable coloring with the leanest, whitest, choicest meat.  A sustainable choice, Norwegian Skrei cod are only available for a limited time.  From the Mediterranean, Samuels special orders Spanish delights such as Merluza, Cuttlefish, John Dory, Sardines, Bonito and more.  Let your sales rep know of your interest in these great fish.

From the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands, Norwegian Skrei Cod
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