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5 October, 2017
Five Pillars of Ministry & Leadership

Our groups and committees at St. Peter's are organized into five categories, or "pillars," for effective leadership and ministry:

Worship & Music
Parish Life
Ministry Support

You are Welcome Here - Come Worship with Us!
For more than twenty-five years, St. Peter's Church has provided a safe haven of blessing and peace for hundreds of faithful seekers.  St. Peter's welcomes all who seek God or a deeper knowledge of God.
We welcome all who are drawn to the warmth and friendliness of this congregation or to the elegant simplicity of our beautiful worship space. St. Peter's seeks to be a place of life-giving joy, service and healing in a fragile world. 

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
3 West Ridge Rd, Savannah

Parking on street beside & in lot behind church

Sunday Worship: Eucharist Services  at  8 and 10 am.

We welcome children of all ages at St. Peter's. During our services, if you need help keeping your child occupied, we have Quiet Bags available with colored pencils, paper, pipe cleaners, and coloring sheets. If you'd like one, please ask an Usher to show you where they are!

Nursery:  open for children through 3 years of age, 8:45 - 11:30 am.

Godly Play: Children from 4 years - 3rd grade, 9:45 am
Youth Sunday School: 9 am

Adult Sunday School:  "What's Up with God?" 9 am, Parlor
"Sunday School for Parents": 9 am,  Conference Room

Adult Forums: 11:30 am, Parlor

Parish Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
Friday: 9 am - noon      

Contact information and bios of  Clergy and Staff.
Contact information and bios of  Vestry

 Aerial photo of St. Peter's above, by Frank Logue, taken with Diocesan drone!          
Rota & Readings
Sunday, October 8  | 18th Sunday after Pentecost
Holy Eucharist | 8 am & 10 am
Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.
Philippians 3:12

Click here to readSunday's Roster of Clergy, Lay Ministers & Readings
Recovery Sunday
Welcome  the Revs. Kevin Kelly  and Thomas Townsend
This Sunday, October 8
Doris leads worship at 8 and 10, with our guest preacher and guest assisting priest coming to us from other congregations. Both are active in the recovery movement and quite open about their own recovery from alcoholism. They work with other individuals and families who struggle with addiction and recovery. 

The Rev'd R. Kevin Kelly, the rector of St. Michael and All Angels in Savannah, was ordained in the Diocese of Georgia in 1994 and has served congregations in Atlanta, West Virginia, and Louisiana. The Rev'd Thomas Townsend, ordained last year, is the Priest-in-Charge of Holy Nativity, St. Simons Island. They have become friends of mine during my first year in the diocese. Their spouses join them at St. Peter's on Sunday as well.
In a culture of addiction and with most families impacted in some way by addiction, our awareness, our prayers and our participation in our own recovery and the recovery of others is vitally important. As Episcopal Recovery Ministry says, "Addiction is a physical, mental, emotional illness that yields most surely to a spiritual remedy." 

Lisa and I will be at Family Weekend at the Sewanee where our son is a freshman. I'm sorry to miss the service on Sunday.  


Blessing of 2018 Pledge Cards
         Sunday, November 5
SEPTEMBER Worship Attendance 
Both attendance at worship and financial support of the church's ministry are two of several ways to gauge participation in the life of St. Peter's. 

Participation in Sunday Worship (Averages)
September 2017 Average          172                   (August: 158)    
2017 Average YTD                     196
2016 Average                             204 

Monthly Financial Update coming next week!
Distribution of Communion at 10 am Eucharist

I'd like to experiment with a slight change to how we distribute communion at 10 am. I've thought for a while that we've needed at least one more person passing the chalice each Sunday. Not so much to speed things up, although it will, but just to keep the liturgy moving without lagging. 

There will be a Eucharistic Minister (chalice bearer) serving on each of the three sides of the altar rail and two people, usually priests, distributing the bread. The big change communicants will notice is how we approach the rail. 
  • Those on the right side (facing forward) of the nave and south transept will fill in beginning beneath the pulpit. 
  • Those on the left side (facing forward) and in the north transept will fill in beginning at the center of the rail at the head of the aisle. 
  • The whole dance will move from right to left, instead of from the center out. This is also consistent with how communion is distributed at 8 am.

    Ushers will help direct and there's no punishment or shame for getting it wrong! 
Music Notes
As I begin my ninth year at St. Peter's Church, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in our shared music ministry. I felt called here through the deeply  dedicated parishioners who dearly love St. Peter's. At my interviews I met one after another who spoke enthusiastically about how St. Peter's came to be, what ministries they were involved in and what they wanted to do next. It seemed at the time not just the usual church of followers but rather a Christian family with clear visions of what the church should be and what it should do.  Today, I still think I am in the right place, fortunate to serve with so many who give so much in so many ways. What next?
Well . . . this Sunday, our versatile Chancel Choir will sing Mark Hayes' Old Time Religion Medley, not your usual Episcopal choral offering. Hayes combines four "spirituals," any one of which might inspire lengthy discussions about its origin. You may have sung these tunes as a child in Sunday school, at a Girl Scout campout or even in a southern protestant church, since all four have appeared in many hymnals. "Give Me That Old Time Religion" first was published in 1873 and found its way into a number of Christian hymnals despite the fact the song does not actually mention Jesus Christ. "Standing In The Need of Prayer," "Down By The Riverside" and "Do Lord" come to us through the African-American tradition. Each can be traced through various sources with many variants in the texts.

Tim McKee, Director of Music Ministries
Pilgrimages are Coming to St. Peter's
Pilgrimage is one of the most ancient practices of humankind. The pilgrim instinct can be traced to deep within the human heart . . . a heart desirous of meeting God and breaking through to a reality not yet experienced. A pilgrimage is essentially "a symbolic journey of the soul, the desire of each of us to embrace and to be embraced by the divine spirit." The pilgrimage can be down the block, like a visit to the places of slavery in Savannah, as well as further afield to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, the site of Christianity's planting in Iona, Scotland or the city of Jerusalem following Jesus' steps in Israel.

Pilgrimages change us. No matter where we journey, pilgrimage touches us at a core that all too often we aren't certain even exists. Once we discover  the spirit within us - through prayer, meditation, experiences - we then tend to seek places and peoples "who continue the revelation of the goodness of God, the beauty of creation, and the sacred dimensions of our lives."

To that end, St. Peter's is in the process of creating opportunities for those who wish to explore their rootedness in God in locales known to be "thin places;" those are places where there appears to be nothing but tissue paper or a thin veil between heaven and earth.                      
  • Our J2A group of Journey to Adulthood teens are currently in the process of choosing their 2018 summer pilgrimage to find God in another place or culture. 
  • Doris will lead a pilgrimage to Scotland, May 24 - June 4, 2018; full schedule from Iona to Edinburgh to come. Our first informational meetings will be Thursday, October 19 and Sunday, October 22, times to be determined. Stay tuned to Banner!
  • Hunt will lead a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, likely in the winter months of 2019.
We encourage you to begin praying about your deepest longings to meet God anew.  Watch Banner for news over the next few weeks, and discover the treasures the heart pilgrimage can bring to your life.

Until then, "The deep peace of the running wave to you."           

~ A Scottish benediction

Centering Prayer/Meditation 
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in the Chapel

We begin with a mini-tutorial on Centering Prayer at 7:15, with the prayer session beginning at 7:30.
"True contemplation is not a psychological trick but a theological grace. It can come to us ONLY as a gift, and not as a result of our own clever use of spiritual techniques." 
  ~ Thomas Merton,
Centering Prayer

As the front door to our Parish Office is often locked in the evenings, we welcome you to the door in the back of the education building.
To the Glory of God

Our altar flowers are dedicated each week to the glory of God and upon occasion to a parishioner or friend as well. If you would like to make a donation in memory of or to honor a loved one on an anniversary or a birthday, in thanksgiving for someone or in honor of a special occasion,  please click here to sign up

It is very helpful for us to receive these requests online, as many people are involved in making this ministry happen. It's fast and easy for you, too!
If you prefer not to sign up online with your flower request, contact Amanda Ridberg  at 912.598.7242 or

Altar Flowers are fully supported by donations from the congregation in the form of dedications and memorials.
To read further details you need to know,  click here.

Christian Formation

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Children & Youth Sunday School
Godly Play | Children from 4 years - 3rd grade, 9:45 am
Youth Sunday School, 9 am

Adult Sunday School
"What's Up with God?" 9 am
in the Parlor;
"Sunday School for Parents" 9 am 
in the Conference Room

Adult Forums
Finding God series: "Recovery"
Led by Kevin Kelly+, 11:30 am, Parlor

SPY Pumpkin Patch Volunteer Day | 12 - 4 pm  
SPY will be volunteering at the St. Peter's Pumpkin Patch this Sunday, from 12-4. Lunch will be provided. 
Come help us with our fundraiser for St. Peter's Youth!!  

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Centering Prayer
Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm,  in the Chapel
See details of gatherings, above.
Logos is for people interested in reading and discussing Christianity in literature. We meet twice monthly, once to discuss what we've read and once to socialize with food and beverages, getting to know each other in our St. Peter's community. 

You Are Wonderfully Made!
Two opportunities remain in this series, to learn how you - with your indi vidual gifts, outlooks, hopes - approach God and how you might expand your experience of God in Jesus Christ to deepen your faith and practice as well as your sense of connectedness to others.
See details of gatherings, below.

Bible Study  
meets every Wednesday morning at 10:30 
in the Parish Hall
St. Peter's Celebration of Recovery Sunday
October 8
Recovery Sundays, increasingly an annual event in many congregations, give us a chance to pray for those dealing with addiction and provides an opportunity for educating all of us about the disease of addiction and the opportunities for healing available to individuals and families who suffer from it.
The Rev. Kevin Kelly joins us Sunday, October 8 as preacher at 8 and 10 and the leader of our Adult Forum following 10 am worship. Kevin is the rector at St. Michael and All Angels Church, a recovering alcoholic and a leader in our Diocesan Recovery Ministry.
Addiction is a physical, mental, emotional illness that yields to a spiritual remedy. It is also an epidemic: There are approximately 90,000 alcohol-related deaths each year in the U.S. and last year 64,000 people died from drug overdoses, nearly doubling since 2006. Information about the Episcopal Church and recovery.
You Are Wonderfully Made!

A series leading to understanding how your personality and spirituality intersect, and how you can deepen your spiritual connection to God.  

Each  begins at 9 am; lunch will be provided for both sessions.
Saturday, October 21, 9 am - 2 pm:
"Myers-Briggs Type & Spirituality," led by The Rev. Denise Ronn;
$25 fee, including the Myers-Briggs test. Sign up here or on sign up sheet in Parish Hall.

IMPORTANT!   Please take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator before coming to the seminar.  If you've never taken it, use this link; click on FORM M. The cost is $25, but you receive a full report from Denise . If you have taken the MBTI before, and aren't quite sure of your 4-letter type, you can use the free site , which gives your 4-letter type and a very short description.
Questions? Contact Lynne Kemp at  
or Doris+ at or 912.598.7242, Ext. 203. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Saturday, November 4, 9 am - 3 pm: "The Enneagram," led by Joe Howell, founder of The Institute for Conscious Being. The
Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and the world more deeply, offering nine lenses through which we discover the world, spirituality and our own passions and virtues;  $50 fee. Sign up here or on signup sheet in Parish Hall.

* Please take an on-line assessment for Enneagram type. You buy a code on site to take this for $12, OR you can take the Type Inventory in Dr. Howell's book, Becoming Conscious, a copy of which will be emailed to you when you register through the church site.
*Please bring a snapshot of yourself taken between ages two and six. The photo will be seen only by you.
*No video/audio recording please.

Questions? Contact Lynne Kemp at  
or Doris+ at or 912.598.7242, Ext. 203. 
Practical Theologians in Our Midst
Theology means "God-talk" and Practical Theology seeks to make the academic discipline helpful in daily life. My own spiritual journey is enriched by the reflections and God-talk of two of our own, Westina Matthews and Jay Howington -- both thoughtful and faithful people trained in other disciplines, who share bits of their own journey on a regular basis. 

Jay, who often uses the readings of the Daily Office Lectionary as a jumping-off point, sends brief emails most every morning.

Westina sends a weekly email that blends personal experience of God with spiritual and theological insight from a wide range of sources. 

As part of your own journey, consider joining their mailing lists. Contact Westina at and Jay at
Cursillo Weekends
Fall:  October 12 - 15, 2017
Spring: March 1 -4, 2018

Cursillo is a short course in spiritual development held at Honey Creek Retreat on October 12 - 15, 2017 and on March 1 - 4, 2018. The weekend begins Thursday at 3 pm and ends Sunday at 3 pm.  

This is a personal invitation to St. Peter's members who have long considered this extraordinary weekend of renewal, or parishioners who want to learn more about Cursillo and its life changing "Fourth Day." We can all benefit from knowing and learning more about walking and living our faith.  If you choose this path, our prayers will be with you and a wareness of Christ's work and your action in the world will be heightened.  

Contact Susan and Phil Snyder (335-2608), Shirley and Mark Forssell (598-8137), Gwen and Tom Gissendanner (598-9623), Laura Wieners (239-4287), Linda and George Fidler (598-8632), or Judy Kenney (596-5971), who can assist you in completing an application.  
Take a Swing at Ending Childhood Hunger
Kids Café is the second-largest childhood hunger initiative in the US, started right here in Savannah in 1989, with help from St. Peter's. The Antique Show and Manna from Savannah, our parish cookbook, made St. Peter's a significant financial contributor to the initial effort. 

The Landings L9GA is hosting a charity golf tournament later this month to help fund Kids Café. Connie Stagg, helping to maintain that St. Peter's connection, will be selling raffle tickets in the Parish Hall following the 10 am Eucharist. 
Questions?  Contact Connie at 912.598.7835. 
Save the Date for a n Exhibit 
of Sculpture & Assemblage
Thursday, October 26, 5-8 pm

This exhibition marks the beginning of Living Waters, an emerging Outreach Project of St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Living Waters intends to deepen connections between faith communities, schools and social service agencies from the north to the south ends of Waters Avenue. Through relationships in the community, we desire to co-create mutually beneficial possibilities rather than assume we have all the answers.

About the Artist
Originally from New York City, Jerome B. Meadows moved to Savannah in 1997. A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design and University of Maryland, Meadows has primarily focused his career on the design and fabrication of large scale public art projects. He also makes smaller-scaled works, which have been displayed throughout the world, including France, Pakistan, and Egypt. He teaches, is the creator of Blank Page Poetry - Words & Shadows, a multi-level poetry and dance performance, and is the Executive Producer of Art Talks/Art Matters, a Savannah-based arts television program.
Children's Book Collection
New Month . . . New Collection!
Do you have gently used children's books gathering dust on your bookshelves? Please feel free bring them to St. Peter's through the month of October to share with our school programs.
Several teachers have asked specifically for books for their classroom libraries, so their students can take them home for a few days and return.

The Blessing of Animals
Last Sunday, October 1
"We do not bless the animals in order to make them holy.
We bless them because they ARE holy  and worthy of blessing.
They remind us of the holiness of God's creation."

Our thanks to all who took, and sent, photos!
Monthly Lunches at the Marshes
If you live at the Marshes, join other parishioners and Episcopalians and a member of our clergy staff for a monthly luncheon on the second Tuesday of each month, October-June.

Sign-ups are coordinated through The Marshes. We'll gather in a smaller dining room, share a brief order of Noonday Prayer and enjoy lunch and conversation. From time to time, other members of the St. Peter's staff might come too. Our first lunch: This Tuesday, October 10, at noon. Cost of lunch is $8. 
St. Peter's Kilometers 5K/10K Race 
and Kids' Fun Run!  


  • Registration volunteers
  • Course marshals (for those with golf carts)
  • Finish line volunteers
  • Help with packet pick-up on Friday, 10/13, any time between 10 am and 6 pm, at Fleet Feet Sports (located at Waters Ave. and 50th St.)
For those who would like to make a donation, checks can be made payable to St. Peter's KiloMeters.and handed in to the church office or to race directors Jim Brawner and Ann Searcy.

All proceeds from the race will go to support Family Promise (a.k.a. Interfaith Hospitality Network), a local non-profit organization that works to alleviate homelessness among families with children by providing emergency shelter, meals, and comprehensive support; and Heads Up Guidance Services (H.U.G.S.), a local non-profit organization providing professional counseling and vocational guidance to all who desire growth, specifically targeting disadvantaged citizens. 

To walk or run, sign up here.

To volunteer or to become a race sponsor, or if you have any questions, please contact race directors Jim Brawner at 912. 257.9680 or Ann Searcy 912.604.1817.
St. Peter's Pumpkin Patch Project
Now thru month of October
Every Day from 12 - 6, until sold out!
Pumpkin Patch Project is a fund-raising effort, coordinated by Cathy Howington, for our upcoming   YOUTH PILGRIMAGE. It also becomes an opportunity for hospitality and welcome through those who "tend the store"  in 2 hour shifts.  We encourage everyone in the parish to buy pumpkins, mini-hay bales, and dried corn during the sale.

And we invite everyone in the parish to sign up to help our youth reach their goal of selling every pumpkin of many sizes, mini-hay bales, and dried corn.  We're selling every day,  through October 30 , with shifts from  12-2 pm 2-4 pm , and  4-6 pm . Sign up  here  to help, or on signup sheet in Parish Hall.

Questions? Contact Cathy Howington at 912.713.3738 or
Helping Hands
to help one another
George Heck, Coordinator of Helping Hands , is seeking
volunteers who have skills to help those in need of someone else's hands to do their odd jobs. Modest skills and willingness to help others are the only requirements! Please call George at 912.383.2278 or email him at  if you're willing to help or need help.
St. Peter's Prayer Ministry
Ask for prayers for yourself or others by submitting  this simple form. As the form indicates, you can ask for the whole congregation to pray in church for you or others by name. Or you can choose confidential prayer; only clergy and prayer guild members will be given your prayer information.

You will also find prayer request cards  to be used for this purpose, in your pew card racks.

(If this request is for another, please be sure the person wants to be on the prayer list.)

We do appreciate responses when the situation changes or when you want to remove names from either prayer list. To do so, please contact the Parish Office at 912.598.7242.
Happy Birthday & Best Wishes! 

Jim Brawner, Ann Burke, Sandy DeSola,
Lucille Downs, Cathy Howington, George Hubbs,
Chris Kirkpatrick, Janet Laycock, Joan Mattson,
Scott Searcy, Jack Summers, Dave Sweeterman,
David Wilhelm
Send your names and dates to: 
Happy Anniversary & Best  Wishes!
Lynne & David Canham, Molly & Lee Huff,
Patty & Jim Morgan, Sandy & Ernie Thompson,
Lori & Mark Worsham

Send your names and dates to: 
Prayers for Military Personnel & Families

Please pray for and keep in your thoughts: 
Shea & Patricia Companion, Matt and McKenzie  Baker, 
Zachary Hands, Phillip Lucas, Lance Transue,
Greg & Melissa Wilhelm,  Kirby Forssell, Stewart Calder
Paul Textor,  Dolan Lewis.   
St. Peter's Save the Date Card
A few months ago, St. Peter's mailed out paper copies of a
Save the Date Card with Holy Days & Events for the coming year. We recently had more printed, on card stock; these are available on Welcome tables and in the back of the Church, as well as in the Parish Hall. 

Pick up your copy and please note revision: THE YOUTH TRIP has been rescheduled for Friday, 10/13 - Sunday, 10/15.


Parish Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9 am to 4 pm
Friday: 9 am to noon
Click  here for a quick list of upcoming  events
in October at St. Peter's

Also: St. Peter's Events Calendar Online
Check out our updated online calendar for easy access to all St. Peter's events, with details being added continually. 
To Schedule an Event at St. Peter's
As part of planning your events in St. Peter's facilities, be sure to pick up an event scheduling form from Amanda Ridberg, Parish Administrator. In order to avoid overlapping of events from occurring, events will be placed on the calendar when the appropriate form has been filled out and approved. Thanks! 

Call Amanda at 912.598.7242, Ext. 207 or email her at:  .
Lost & Found 
If you've lost something and think the loss might have occurred in church or while in the Parish Office or Hall, check in with the Volunteer Receptionist on duty or ask Amanda Ridberg, Parish Administrator: 912.598.7242, Ext. 207 or 
 Submission Deadline 
Fisherman's Banner

Because of multiple publishing schedules in St. Peter's Parish Office:  Please send your news and events to us for  Fisherman's Banner   by Tuesday at 5 pm, to ensure publication in that week's e-newsletter and inclusion in Sunday's printed version,
This Week at St. Peter's.