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Men's Health: The Link between Fitness and Emotional Wellbeing
There is an increasing prevalence of mental and emotional health issues that affect wellbeing in both men and women. However, numerous researchers have stated that there is a silent crisis in men's mental and emotional health with evidence showing that men have increased rates of substance abuse, suicide, depression and anxiety

Roundtable Symposia from A.S.P.E.N.'s Clinical Nutrition Week
In this video, experts consider the potential role of SPMs in the field of wound healing. Wound healing-- particularly in patients with diabetes--gets 'stuck' and doesn't get past the inflammatory stage into the resolution phase. As Michael Conte, MD of UCSF Medical Center notes, the macrophages of these patients had epigenetic changes that made them 'fixed' and unable to change phenotypically from M1 to M2 for adequate tissue repair. Using  SPMs may enhance wound healing by changing macrophage behavior...

Clinical Chat Podcast:
Drs. Jennifer Ryan and Bianca Garilli discuss "Digestive Health & Intestinal Hyperpermeability"
In the second podcast of the series, Jennifer Ryan, ND and Bianca Garilli, ND discuss leaky gut. Dr. Ryan also describes underlying factors that contribute to intestinal hyperpermeability and provides evidence-based management recommendations including dietary, lifestyle, and supplement options to optimize patient outcomes

Enzyme Replacement Effective in Chronic Pancreatitis

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) caused by chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a deficiency in exocrine pancreatic enzymes, resulting in the inability to digest food properly. It is thought that chronic inflammation leads to irreversible damage of the pancreas, particularly the cells responsible for the secretion of digestive enzymes...

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