A special thank you to all our customers!
Thank you all for all you have done for us- we would not be anything without our great customer base! 

So, we were talking today and decided to have a sale- 15% off all orders over $100. No gimmicks, no catches, no restrictions- once your order is over $100, use code "15sale" at checkout and the discount is yours just for being great customers.

You can use it on our brand new  Best Damm Poncho Ever Made, or get your self a great deal on an ALICE pack or other pack. Or one of the Groucho Load Bearing Systems that are an exclusive to us giving you an low cost load bearing set alternative.

If you want to make a great lightweight sleeping bag combo for a bugout kit now is the time to grab a USGI Gore-Tex BIVY Cover and a Poncho Liner- our MARPAT used used ones are back in stock . The combo of those two makes a great lightweight waterproof sleeping system.

Summer heat is around the corner, with this sale you get a great price on a US Military Hydration System- with this coupon just $13.56 with a brand new bladder and hose!

Once again, use the code "15sale" at checkout to get this discount!