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March 19, 2017
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Pete Huttlinger - Songs of Goron LIghtfoot
Guitar Arrangements
for Eight Classics 
By Pete Huttlinger
DVD  $29.95  
Download $24.95
The Carter Family
DVD  $29.95
Download   $24.95

Roger McGuinn 12-String
Caterina Lichtenberg  - Classical Mandolin
Enhance Your Technique, Control and Musicianship
By Caterina Lichtenberg
DVD  $29.95  
Download $24.95
Kingston Trio
Learn to Play
Classic Folk Songs 
By George Grove
DVD  $29.95
Download   $24.95

Carol Walker Appalachian Dulcimer
Chords, Harmonies and Fingerstyle Arrangements to Expand Your Boundaries
By Carol Walker
 DVD  $29.95
Download  $24.95
Steve Kaufman Waltzes
Essential Instrumentals 
for Flatpickers 
By Steve Kaufman
DVD  $29.95  
Download $24.95

Bryan Bowers - Autoharp
Developing Your Skills
 DVD  $29.95
Download  $24.95