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Did you miss the free OH&S webinar? Do you want to know what's new with standards this year?

A new glove specification is underway. A conformity assessment document was balloted for publication as an ASTM Guide. The technical committees for NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 have written new editions for publication in 2018. Read on for more and to watch the presentation.
We've all heard of the Stoll Curve---the theoretical model used in many tests to evaluate flame resistant clothing. For example, the Stoll Curve is used to determine outputs in both arc testing and flash fire manikin testing.  [Read More...]

Join ArcWear at the Glove Symposium hosted by the International Glove Association! The symposium will be in Tuscon, Arizona, March 19-21. ArcWear's Jill Kirby will be presenting on Sunday, March 19th. Jill's presentation will cover the arc flash hazard and gloves, including how gloves are tested and details on the new glove protector standard anticipated to begin balloting in April. Register!
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ArcWear is pleased to now offer arc testing to the box method: IEC 61482-1-2. There are two exposures in this method: 4000 A, 0.5 second (Class 1) and 7000 A, 0.5 second (Class 2). Need box testing? Reach out!

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