November 2014
Issue 15
Your business. Your coating. Your choice. 
Need small batches and quick turnaround?
Choose Polychem.

Polychem offers:

  • 5lb minimums on any product
  • 5-7 days turnaround on color match and productions
  • Color chip samples available
  • 12 color collections
  • Altered RALs - add metallic, texture, veins etc. to any RAL shade.
  • Easy ordering

Call Lauren on 940.612.0401 for details

Polychem - the driving force in automotive powder coatings
Powder coatings are used on a huge array of parts in the automotive market - so whether you're refurbishing wheels, coating bike frames, or making sure everything under the hood runs smoothly, there's a Polychem powder coating to help. The Polychem automotive collection features beautiful, easy to spray powders, from a deep matte black to translucent brights and shiny metallics. Check out the Auto Star Black (PRSF 94199PB), the Auto Chrome (PRSF 94192PB), and the Auto Candy Blue (PLSF 94856PB).  The automotive collection was our big hit of the Fabtech finishing show, and it's easy to see why. Try out the Polychem Auto Collection for yourself. For more information or sample panels talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062.
Save time, reorder online!
Know what you need but too busy to order it? Running a job shop is hard work and coating customer jobs all day is your top priority. Polychem powders can be re-ordered online at or simply email Lauren with the product code and quantity and we'll get that order started for you.


Polychem excites new customers at Fabtech

November 11th - 13th saw the Polychem team at Fabtech, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, which this year was in Atlanta, GA. The Polychem booth was a huge hit, with coaters, job shop owners, designers and even architects stopping by to learn more about our powders and get interactive with powder. The display featured a spray booth and oven, where visitors could spray up a water bottle in one of our gorgeous translucent shades, cure it and take it home with them. Attendees also made use of the free color charts, picked the Polychem team's brains for coating advice and were impressed by the quick turnaround time and flexible batch sizes available. Fabtech 2015 will be located in Chicago, IL - so book early to make the most of your trip. See you there!  

Polychem powders perk up the shopping season
Polychem powder coatings are used extensively by retail designers and have graced the interiors of many of the shops and restaurants that will be eagerly awaiting holiday shoppers. From matching the swoosh on a Nike shoe for store interior equipment to decorating and protecting the likes of Nordstrom, Target, McDonalds, Banana Republic and Sunglasses Hut, coaters and designers have taken advantage of the Polychem color matching capabilities to ensure their customers stores are on brand, look great and benefit from great protection.


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