Healthy Holidays
The holiday season is a time for celebrating with our families, friends, and colleagues. As you enjoy festive gatherings of any kind, keep a few simple tips in mind to stay on track for a healthy new year!
Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

You do not have to feel deprived this season, just make compromises and better choices. Foods that are high in soluble fiber (fruits, vegetables, barley, oats and legumes) slow the transit of food through the upper digestive tract, making you feel fuller for a longer time. So eat a delicious apple or crisp carrots as a snack rather than grabbing a handful of chips.
Don't Let the Cold Stop You from Exercising

Do you get nervous about running in the cold winter air, concerned the cold air will potentially damage your lungs? The truth is that exercising in the cold air is completely safe for your lungs. The air you are breathing in when outside during the colder months is not cold at all by the time it reaches your lungs.

Holiday Cooking Safety

Don't want your guests to join the one in six people who get food poisoning each year in the U.S.? Use this guide to selecting, storing, cooking, and serving holiday staples.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Thurs., Nov. 24, 2016
Primary Care is closed

ORMG Urgent Care is Open
Middletown : 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Monroe : 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Fri., Nov. 25, 2016
Primary Care is Open
Harris: 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Livingston Manor: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Callicoon: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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