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July 2011
Volume 2, Issue 7  

Welcome to the July issue of the Float Mobile Learning newsletter. Each month we  cover topics relevant to the world of mobile learning.

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A Recap Of June: Float's Mobile Learning Symposium & mLearnCon 2011


June 10th, the Bradley University and Float Mobile Learning Symposium,came and went with a flurry of activity! Our Symposium was very successful; we're glad that so many of you could make it and sincerely thank you for that. With over 100 attendees for the two-track, one-day symposium, it was a great event for learning and sharing while making new connections in the mobile learning environment. The hallway conversations were equally great for meeting new people and hearing what is going on at major, industry-leading companies and organizations in learning and mobile learning. For a full recap of what happened at the event, be sure to check our blog and review the presentations that were posted. There's some excellent content from a great list of experts on mobile. 


The week after our event, we packed up and hit the road, er, air and flew to San Jose for the eLearningGuild's mLearnCon event. The second year conference, held at the Fairmont Hotel, drew attendees from across the globe, with people coming from Europe and Asia. The total attendee number increased dramatically as well, going from around 250 to well over 600. 


Float presented a number of sessions there in addition to our full day pre-conference certificate workshop. Beyond the talks in the sessions, though, Float was also there to listen to and capture some of the industries brightest thought leaders on camera. This month's newsletter is going to share those interviews with you.

CompassFrom mLearnCon 2011 - Thought Leader Interview Series


Anyone who attends a conference or two over the course of their professional career soon realizes that some of the best learning takes place in the hallway, away from the formal sessions and presentations. Float realizes this too, and in the interest of continuing this sort of learning beyond the event itself, we're posting some interviews in this month's issue. We hope you can share in that "hallway learning" via these short video interviews with some of mobile learning's brightest individuals.

King of The MOSHPit: Neil Lasher

Join Neil Lasher, The Learning Coach, as he talks about his key takeaways after a week of leading the MOSHPit, a specialized discussion area at mLearnCon. Offering a unique perspective on mobile and peer based learning as well as performance support is Neil's specialty. 

Neil Lasher interview at mLearnCon 2011
Neil Lasher interview at mLearnCon 2011

Mobile Learning Visionary: Gary Woodill 

Gary Woodill, Ed.D, author of The Mobile Learning Edge offers his take on the upswing of interest in mobile and specifically mobile learning. Get some of his insights on how mobile technology is progressing and what we will be seeing in the near future in the mobile learning space.

Gary Woodill interview at mLearnCon 2011
Gary Woodill interview at mLearnCon 2011

Analyzing Patterns in Learning: Clark Quinn 

 Clark Quinn, Ed. D, has recently published his second book, Designing mLearing, as well as the eLearning Guild's most recent Mobile Learning report. Listen to Clark as he breaks down some patterns he's seeing as everyone becomes more familiar with mobile technology.

Clark Quinn interview at mLearnCon 2011
Clark Quinn interview at mLearnCon 2011

Enabling Developers to Create for Mobile: Tanya Seidel  

Tanya has been working for Trivantis for some time now, and she excels at shedding light on their offerings. Listen to what they have been working on with their Lectora product line and mLearning-friendly authoring tools.

Trivantis interview at mLearnCon 2011 with Tanya Seidel
Trivantis interview at mLearnCon 2011 with Tanya Seidel

Continuing the Learning

So, there you go. A lot of great content and reflections on what is going on in the mobile learning world in 2011. We thoroughly enjoyed mLearnCon 2011. Hope you were able to keep up with the Tweet stream and blog posts. If not, there is a great backchannel compilation of content available here.

Float is looking forward to going back on the road again. We're currently planing on venturing to TechWeek in Chicago and we're speaking at D2WC in Kansas City. Both look to be fantastic events with terrific host cities and great speaker lists.  We're excited to continue to share our knowledge in the mobile community and to learn from other experts in the field.

Considering going to either? Contact us via Twitter and perhaps we can meet up to talk mobile.

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