October 3, 2017




Dear Friends and Neighbors:

A number of constituents are now beginning to repair their storm-damaged homes and have contacted our office regarding permitting issues.  First, note that all properties located in the floodplain must contact the Floodplain Management Office at 832-394-8854 or email fmo@houstontx.gov prior to making repairs. 

Residential Repair Permit Guidelines:

The following is the procedure for repair of properties not in a floodplain:

Step 1: Complete the Building Permit Application and the Residential Repair Spec List. Applications are located behind the Information Desk at the entrance lobby.

Step 2: Obtain a ticket by selecting Permits ---> Building Construction Permits ---> Project Number/Single Trade Permit from any of the four kiosks located by the entrance. A Customer Service Representative will assign a project number.

Step 3: Obtain a ticket by selecting Plan Review ---> Building Plan Review --->  Residential and/or One Stop Plan Review from the kiosk and proceed to the One Stop Section on the third floor.

Step 4: A Plan Analyst will review the Repairs Spec List to ensure repairs are for replacing like-for-like building elements and compliance with applicable codes.

Step 5: Once approved, the Plan Analyst or a Customer Service Representative will create a sales order.

Step 6: Proceed to the cashiers' booth on the first floor to pay the sales order and receive your permit.

Step 7: If the project involves plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work, each licensed contractor must purchase a separate permit for that portion.

Step 8: Inspections must be scheduled before any drywall is replaced. See the back of the permit for inspections schedule. ( Note : If work within walls is covered without inspections, the drywall must be removed before the permit can be finaled).

Step 9: Once all work is completed, schedule final inspections by contacting the Structural Inspections Section at 832-394-8840 or online at www.pdinet.pd.houstontx.gov/cohilms/webs/Inspection_Lookup.asp

NOTE: All permits must be finaled.

Electrical Repairs

All electrical work requires a permit and must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor. For questions, contact Electrical Inspections at (832) 394-8860. To verify Master Electricians and HVAC licensees, visit
Mechanical Repairs

Permits are not required for the installation or replacement of air outlet grills, thermostats, and return air filters or grills. Permits are required for replacing condensing units and evaporator coils, relocating a condensing unit from its original location, replacing a condensing unit with one of a
different tonnage rating, and installing or replacing ductwork or furnaces.
For questions, contact Mechanical Inspections at (832) 394-8850 .
Plumbing Repairs

Permits are not required to replace lavatory or kitchen faucets, ballcocks or water control valves, garbage disposals, or water closets. Permits are required for reconnecting fixtures to the water/wastewater system. For questions, contact Plumbing Inspections at (832) 394-8870. To verify Master Plumbers, visit tsbpe.state.tx.us/consumerinformation.html

Structural Repairs

Permits are not required for:
  • Tarping
  • Repairing wooden and metal fences less than 8 feet in height
  • Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work
  • Repairing damaged gypsum board (a.k.a. sheetrock or drywall)
  • Repairing exterior wood facia, trim and soffits
Permits are required for:
  • Structural damage such as walls being moved or knocked down or a roof collapse
  • Repairing siding that exceeds 128 square feet
  • Roof covering that exceeds 100 square feet
  • Replacing exterior doors and windows
For questions, contact Structural Inspections at (832) 394-8840 .
Please note that in addition to the Houston Permitting Center at 1002 Washington Ave. (77002), flood repair permits may also be obtained at the temporary satellite office at the Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Dr. (77074) (both are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.) or at The Shops at Memorial City, 12311 Kingsride Dr. (77024) on Wednesday and Thursday only.

Section Phone Number
Structural 832-394-8840
Electrical 832-394-8860
Mechanical 832-394-8850
Plumbing 832-394-8870
Occupancy 832-394-8880
Multi-discipline 832-394-8880
Sign Administration 832-394-8890

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