Flood Disaster Survival Tips
May 11, 2011 
Mississippi River flooding
Recent Mississippi River flooding has caused multiple disasters!

Spring is in the air... and if you live in the southeastern United States, so far, this has been a rough year! Tornadoes, storms and now flooding are just a few of the problems that some of our readers have had to deal with! Our thoughts and prayers are with you folks in the disaster areas! Hang in there!

Here's what we have this week:

  • Peter Kummerfeldt: Human Factors That Affect Survival
  • YouTube:  STOP - You May Be Lost! 
  • Survival Recipe: Homemade Soup/Gravy
  • Soapmaking 101: Two-Ingredient Recipe
  • Mora Knife Review
  • The Dutch Oven Survival Kit

*This week's survival tip on Bend Broad Band's "Good Morning Central Oregon"  was: S.T.O.P.  If you haven't been by to visit yet, check out the SurvivalCommonSense.com YouTube channel! 

 *Survival Expert Peter Kummerfeldt travels widely, promoting the concept of reality-based survival training. Last week, he was in Idaho, and has some new insight into survival situations! Peter also gives some tips on possible methods to secure drinking water during floods.

*Great New Blog: Professional soapmaker, and experienced Dutch oven cook and prepper, Karla Moore, has a new blog:  http://survivalpantry.blogspot.com/   Please check it out and sign on to follow it! Karla is one of my go-to expert sources on anything related to off-grid cooking or do-it-yourself activities. 

*Ready Made Resources has been having some ongoing computer glitches, so don't give up trying to reach them! RMR is one of our trusted sponsors, so let's keep supporting them! 

 Finally, a reader sent in this quote from Bill Cosby: "I DON'T KNOW THE KEY TO SUCCESS,BUT THE KEY TO FAILURE IS TO TRY AND PLEASE EVERYONE."

Good advice! 

Make today wonderful for yourself, and those around you! - Leon



Human Factors That Affect Survival! 

Kummerfeldt road shot It isn't possible to guarantee personal safety in the outdoors.  But being aware of the human factors that influence your choices can be invaluable! 

Survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt takes a closer look at reducing some of those human factors that might contribute to being in a survival situation in the first place! Click here to read the story.  Visit our blog 

YouTube: STOP - You May Be Lost! 

lost in woodsOh no...You were on a quick walk or hike, didn't pay attention, and now, there is this sinking feeling that you might be lost. What is the first thing to do? 


SurvivalCommonSense.com Outdoor Tips are featured every Monday on the BendBroadBand "Good Morning Central Oregon!" show, aired in Bend, Or. This week, we teach a survival mindset tool: STOP! Click here to view this week's tip!

 Survival Recipe: Homemade Soup/Gravy 

You may be feeling pretty good that you have a stock of rice, beans and other staples,  but there must be provisions to make different-tasting meals. 

Otherwise, at some point, diet monotony will set in. This recipe for soup/gravy can be used to flavor rice, potatoes or pasta, or used as a base for other dishes such as stews or gumbos!

 Click here to read the recipe! Find us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  

Survival Knife Review: The Mora

Mora knifeAny survival knife has to be an all-around, do-everything tool. It will be used for a variety of tasks, which could include whittling, cleaning fish and small game, spreading peanutbutter, meat-cutting and peeling potatoes. It should be lightweight and small enough to be carried conveniently.

In other words, practicality is paramount. A good choice in this category is the inexpensive Scandinavian Mora. Here is why! 

Make a Dutch Oven Survival Kit
camp oven

Some of the most common questions from beginning off-grid cooks, are: "How do I get started?" and "What is the bare minimum I need to get started Dutch oven cooking?"

Here is what you need for the basic, bare-bones Dutch oven setup. These tools will be enough to cook outdoors under most circumstances, but still will be light and compact enough to include in evacuation kits. 
Click here to read the story!


I don't claim to be a survival expert!

But I am an experienced reporter, photographer and interviewer, and I know many experts in their respective survival fields. 

Leon Pantenburg
Leon Pantenburg

I have decades of experience in backpacking, canoeing and just knocking around in wilderness areas throughout the United States. I'm not a newcomer to this survival idea. (To learn more, click on bio) 

The content of SurvivalCommon Sense.com is reader-driven. To provide the information and education you want, I need your continued feedback and interaction. 

Toward that end, there is a special email address (survivalcommon sense.com@gmail.com) for specific survival-related questions. 
I intend to always be learning more about wilderness and urban survival, and appreciate your input! Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter 



Leon Pantenburg


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flooding houseFind Drinking Water During Floods

During a flood there may be water everywhere, but none to drink! Here is how to adapt some desert survival techniques to flood situations! Click here to read the story! 

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