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Fall Ironman Prep Camp
Event Day Nutrition Plan
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Ironman Florida

Training and Recon Camp

September 9th-11th


Get Ironman registration slots for the Florida OR Arizona race at this camp!


This camp focuses on preparing you for optimal performance in your Ironman race, through course reconnaissance and hands-on instruction from CTS Coaches. You will also get insight into the training and racing strategies that helped Craig Alexander and others conserve energy on the bike for their Ironman-winning performances. The camp is two and half days of training and presentations, and is open to athletes of all abilities and experience levels. You will learn the skills needed to produce your best finish at your Ironman race.

Call us today for details and arrangements. 866-355-0645.


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Come to the CTS Fall Ironman Prep Camp

PR your Fall 2011 Ironman, period.


We have Ironman registration slots for both Florida and Arizona available, so you can choose your fall event if you haven't already.


This camp will be held at our posh new California center in Santa Ynez. Open water swim sessions, hot weather training, individual nutrition and hydration analysis, one on one data analysis with CTS coaches who have helped create sub-9hr Ironman finishers.

This isn't just another hard block of training. This camp is built to provide you with the best possible race day experience. If you're serious about a PR, making it to Kona, or just shedding the cramps/upset stomach and finishing strong, this is how you do it.


Call today for more information- 866-355-0645


Dial your fueling strategy with our Event Day Nutrition Plan

Nothing can undo months of training faster than a poor nutrition strategy during your big event. At CTS we've prepared athletes for the nutritional challenges of everything from criteriums and centuries to Ironman World Championships, the Leadville 100 (mtn bike and run), the Badwater ultramarathon, and major stage races. Each event and each person is different, and our coaches and sports nutrition specialists will examine the demands of your goal event (heat, humidity, duration, elevation, availability of aid stations, etc.) and your personal tolerances and preferences.


You'll receive a detailed race-day nutrition plan and an in-depth consultation with a sports nutrition specialist. We recommend you utilize this service at least 3 months prior to your goal event to allow for enough for testing and adjustments to your nutrition plan.


Call now for details. 866-355-0645   


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