Florida Stone Crab Claws are Back! We Have a First of the Season Special on Medium, Large & Jumbo Sizes. Take Advantage of Our Great Deals on Fillets Including Nova Scotia Halibut for $13.99/lb and Nordic Flounder for $7.99/lb. Want to Try Something Different? Check Out Our New African Pink Conch! Our Oysters of the Evening are Honey Cup Oysters.
October 19th- FEATURED ITEM
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Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws
First of the Season!

Medium, 6-9 Count per lb:  $14.50/lb
Large, 5-7 Count per lb: $22.99/lb
Jumbo, 2-4 Count per lb: $29.99/lb

White Water
10 lb Bag: $10.50/bag
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Mytilus alpinus
Wild, USA
Honey Cup Oysters
Tonight's Price: $0.55/ea
Green "Best Choice"
Crassostrea virginica
Farmed, USA
On/Off Bottom
Skuna Bay 
Gold River Salmon
Sk/On, PBO Fillets: $11.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative" 
Salmo salar
Farmed, British Columbia
Marine Net Pen


Nova Scotia Halibut
Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Greek Sardines
Boutique Quality
Rich, Robust Flavor

Tonight's Price: $6.99/lb

Brook Trout
Butterfly, Head Off

6 lb Average Unit: $7.95/lb
Canterbury Cure Smoked Salmon
3-4 lb Sides, Always Fresh
Tonight's Price: $16.95/lb

Nordic Wolffish
Wild Caught Off Iceland

Whole Fish: $6.99/lb
Loins: $11.99/lb
Dried Plums
Imported from Spain
11 lb Case

Tonight's Price: $15.00/cs
Nordic Flounder
Wild Caught Off Iceland
4 Oz + Fillets

Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Japanese Suzuki
Sashimi Quality
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb
Stone Bass
Raised Off Greece
Skin On Fillets
Tonight's Price: $13.49/lb
Canterbury Cure Paddlefish Caviar
30g Unit

Tonight's Price: $26.99/ea
African Pink Conch
New Item!
Fresh 1 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Aunt Connies 
Famous Shrimp Burger
4 Oz Burger, 15 per Case

Tonight's Price: $55.00/cs
Aunt Connies Chopped Garlic in Olive Oil
1 Gallon Unit
Tonight's Price: $15.00/ea
Caught from the Grand Banks
Fresh Loins

Tonight's Price: $7.95/lb
Fresh Florida Rock Shrimp
51/60 Count
8 lb Gallon

Tonight's Price: $99.00/gal
Straight #2 Tuna
Skin On Loins
Tonight's Price: $8.49/lb
Fresh Fluke
Caught Off Rhode Island
8-12 Oz Fillets

Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb
Baccala Portions
Boneless, Desalted
Ready to Cook
5-6 Oz Each, 2 per Pack
Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Foraged from Pacific NW
Frozen 5 lb Unit
Tonight's Price: $17.99/lb

Yuzu Fruit Tray
Japanese Citrus Fruit
Make Your Own Yuzu Juice!
Tonight's Price: $6.99/tray
Huitlacoche Mushrooms
Wild Corn Truffle
Frozen 2 lb Unit
Tonight's Price: $24.99/lb
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Julienne Style
5 lb Bag
Tonight's Price: $2.75/lb

On Sale All October
True North Atlantic Salmon
Raised off the Coast of Canada
Skin on, 2-4 lb Fillets.  10 lb Units

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