Tonight, We Have Rhode Island's Finest Black Sea Bass on Sale, Jumbo Scaled and Gutted Fish for Just $5.99/lb. and Large Fillets for $10.99/lb. Take Advantage of Our Great Deals on Fillets Including American Red Snapper for $15.99/lb and Monkfish for $5.49/lb.  Remember to Try Out Open Blue Cobia and Elder Point Oysters!
November 14th FEATURED ITEM
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Black Sea Bass
Caught off Rhode Island

Jumbo S&G Whole Fish: $5.99/lb
Large 4-6 Oz Fillets: $10.99/lb

Skin Off Fillets: $4.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Pollachius virens
Wild, USA 
Bottom Trawl
Local New Jersey
Yellowfin Tuna
Loins: $9.95/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Thunnus albacarus
Wild, USA
Drifting Longlines
Petite Loins: $8.95/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Xiphias gladius
Wild, USA
Drifting Longlines


American Red Snapper
Cut from 2-4 lb Fish
Skin On Fillets
Tonight's Price: $15.99/lb
Open Blue Cobia
Raised Off Panama Coast

H&G 6-8 lb Fish: $7.99/lb
Skin On Loins: $11.99/lb

Nordic Redfish
Wild Caught Off Iceland
Skin On, Boneless Fillets

Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb
Spanich Mackerel
Caught Off Florida
Fresh Fillets

Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb

Caught Off Maine
Fresh Petite Fillets

Tonight's Price: $5.49/lb
Madai Snapper
Imported from Japan
Whole Fish
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Hidden Palms 
Skin On, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
West Coast Uni Tray
Harvested from California
Grade AA, 210g Tray

Tonight's Price: $49.99/tray
Lump Crabmeat
From Venezuela

Tonight's Price:  $6.99/lb
Rainbow Trout
Butterfly, Head Off
5 lb Units
Tonight's Price:  $7.95/lb
Indonesian Shrimp
Premium Quality U-8 Shrimp
Raw Tail On, IQF 20 lb Case

Tonight's Price: $12.99/lb
Wild Dover Sole
Caught Off Holland
Whole 20-24 Oz Fish

Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Elder Point Oysters
From New Jersey
Tonight's Price:  $0.72/ea
Ajinomoto Hondashi 
Powder Seasoning
2.2 lb Box

Tonight's Price: $16.99/box
Chowder Fish
Fresh 5 lb Unit: $0.29/lb

Salmon Trim
House Cut: $1.99/lb
Mountain Rose Apples
From Washington State
3 lb Unit
Tonight's Price:  $7.99/lb

Finger Limes
"Citrus Caviar"
1/2 Pint Unit

Tonight's Price: $20.95/unit
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Nutty Flavor
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $11.95/lb
Daikon Radish
Crisp, Sweet, & Hot
Great for Asian Cuisine
Tonight's Price:  $1.29/lb
Samuels Presents...

Open Blue Cobia
Raised Off the Panama Coast
Sashimi Quality
Perfect for Ceviche, Grilled, or Baked!

On Sale All November Long
Whole H&G 6-8 lb Fish: $7.99/lb
Skin On Loins: $11.99/lb

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