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Dear Friends,

FlyLady Carolyn has been working extremely long hours to help all of you with the transition to our new email engine. We did not have the ability to sort out everyone who was set to no mail and digest. We are sorry if you have been upset by this transition. Many of our members were complaining that they were not receiving our emails. This is why we chose to use Constant Contact. Please be kind if you are going to complain. It is so easy to unsubscribe now. In the time that it would take you to send an email fussing you could be unsubscribed. Words can be Kind or Mean; the Choice is yours in 2013!

Today FlyLady Carolyn revamped the instructions to help you. Here is what she figured out.

 She said, "You might want to send out a short to the point email to all members with correct instructions about how to change to 'FlyLady Lite.' "    
  • Click on "SafeUnsubscribe"  at the very bottom of the emails (in the footer),  
  • Choose: "No, I wish to continue receiving occasional mailings based on my interests, and then click on "FlyLady Lite." 
  • Click on save changes

Thanks Carolyn for simplifying this for us all.

FlyLady Lite will be a compilation of a few of our emails. The only issue is do you want it to come out in the Morning or the Evening?  I have set up a survey to help me decide when to send it out.

FlyLady Lite Time

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience during our transition.


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