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February 2012
It's a Leap Year! With an extra day in February, we're given the gift of time. Before dismissing this additional day as just another one in your hectic, over-scheduled week, consider that more time can mean more opportunities to focus on what's really important. Read on!
Focusing in February " I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is." - Donald Trump

fall off the wagon quote
How best to position ourselves for success is a challenge everyone faces. Most of us view the start of a new year as the best time to set goals and objectives. Yet, when February rolls around, many of us have fallen off the wagon, despite our good intentions. What's really going on?

Mike Vardy, self-described "productivity-ist," thinks we're just too darn tired in January to make anything stick. He advises starting anew in February, along with tactics such as "more 'being' than doing," and "conscious choosing":

I am more deliberate in action and with how I choose to spend my time. I am more aware of when I can do something and . . . when I can't. And the "can" and "can't" components are less of a factor than the "will" and "won't" factor at this point.
focus on the nowThis antithesis of multi-tasking has been cited by many as their biggest breakthrough in achieving greater levels of productivity. Present-based focus can lead to flow, which Wikipedia tells us is like riding a wave of motivation, exhilaration and single-minded immersion that brings forth positive energy and alignment with tasks at hand. The results? Highest quality possible in our work product and, subsequently, our self-assessments.
If this February finds you feeling stuck or needing a fresh start, focus on the here and now and watch what happens!
Focus on the Present! (Pun Intended!) 
World of Thanks

World of Thanks - Everything begins with appreciation. Whether it is a friend, colleague, customer or anyone else, sending this "World of Thanks" - themed gift will pass on your sentiments perfectly!

Best Impression

Leave the longest lasting, Best Impression with this gourmet gift. The delectable dip, crunchy crackers, creamy chocolates, popcorn, snack nuts and more will be remembered and appreciated by your special recipient.

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Focusing in February
Focus on the Present! (Pun Intended)
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Dates to Remember

Feb 20 - President's Day (U.S.)
Feb 20 - Family Day (Canada - AB, ON, SK)
Feb 21 - Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras (U.S.)
Feb 22 - Ash Wednesday
Feb 25 - National Day (Kuwait)
Feb 26 - Liberation Day (Kuwait)
Feb 29 - Leap Day
Mar 5 - Labour Day (Western Australia)
Mar 11 - Daylight Savings Time Begins
Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day
Mar 20 - First Day of Spring
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Celebrate! Bring on the party - whatever the occasion might be! Our party bucket contains the retro candies we loved as kids: gumballs, razzlers, jelly bellies, gobstoppers, nerds, and/or more of your local favorites!

Healthy Encouragement
Healthy Alternative
If you know someone who has chosen a Healthy Alternative, signal your support of their resolution with sensational snacks! Includes flavored nuts, crackers, cheese, dried fruit, fruit biscuits and a refreshing beverage.