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I am very excited to inform you that you can now follow me on the Social Media platforms indicated above!  Simply click on the icons above to follow me on your favorite platforms.  

Many of you who already receive periodic installments of my Newsletter series have requested more frequent communications about topics related to the focal areas of my clinical psychotherapy practice including dating and romantic relationships (e.g., co-dependence, narcissism, love avoidance, love addiction, sexual compulsivity), character structure, parenting, adolescence, Buddhist psychology, meditation and mindfulness, change processes, and psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approaches to individual and couple therapy.  

I would like to respond to these requests with a new presence on Social Media.  Access to postings I make on these social media platforms will hopefully complement the ongoing Newsletter series.   I intend to use these social media platforms not only to disseminate ideas on these and related topics from my own perspective, but also to showcase the most promising and insightful scientific and theoretical work from experts in the mental health and related fields. 

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