We had over 100 people participate in last night's School Starters webinar, far more than last year. We presented background information, slides and videos of schools we've helped to start, and answered many individual questions. We also summarized the  syllabus

We've been writing back and forth with many of them, working on enrollment in the upcoming school starters course. 

One thing I forgot to mention last night is we now have the option of payments for people who want to take the course. And the price is still at the webinar sale price of $899 for a little while longer. Last night Wylie sent out our gift, a download of Yong Zhao's recent keynote at the AERO conference, to the webinar viewers. If you go to the webinar site now to see a replay of it, we'll still send you the Yong Zhao keynote if you fill out the form to the right of the video.
Please let me know right away if you are interested in this year's School Starters Course, or if you have any questions or special needs.  



Jerry Mintz
Executive Director
Alternative Education Resource Organization