Bite-Size Blog #4

Two years ago, I posted a blog with this title:  Nothing is More Important than Sustainability --  when it comes to our ecosystem and the future of humanity. It just so happens that our food choices are playing a huge role in the whole process. Complex problem. Simple Solution.

BSB #4 -- Food Choices and Sustainability

I concluded long ago that we humans are our own worst  enemy. That's because the way we live is threatening our ecosystem, our civilization and our future as a species. There are 4 major problems with the human species that must change dramatically:
  1. OverPopulation. Growing from 1 B to over 7 B in just 200 years and showing no signs of slowing. 
  2. OverConsumption. A global economy built on maximizing the consumption of "stuff" in a world of finite resources.
  3. OverDependence on fossil fuels. (Driven primarily by #1 and #2) 
  4. Our Harmful & Wasteful Food Choices.  
The first three problems will take many decades, if not centuries, to fix -- and we simply don't have that much time. 

Fortunately, #4 can be changed very quickly. By replacing most of our meat, dairy, egg and fish calories with whole, plant-based foods, we just might be able to buy ourselves enough time to solve those more difficult first three problems.

Living in harmony with nature begins with our food. The opening paragraph of Chapter 36 in our new book:
"Imagine for a moment that almost everyone in the world is already eating a plant-based diet. That's right--the billions of farm animals that we once raised for our dinner tables no longer exist. All the great chefs and fine restaurants of the world are focused totally on plant-based dining and are written up in the Michelin and Zagat guides everywhere."

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