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Pingfan Rao, IUFoST President


"World hunger, food security and food safety issues cannot be solved without food scientists and technologists. Governmental and international bodies working to improve conditions nationally and globally need the help of food scientists to reduce waste, improve nutrition and secure enough food for all. To ignore the importance of this scientific discipline is to reduce the effectiveness of current and prospective programmes for food, health and wellness, food safety and food security."


That was the message that Dr. Pingfan Rao, newly elected President of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), gave when he addressed the General Assembly at the recent world congress in Brazil.


The Congress brought together Shenggen Fan, (Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute), Philip Nelson (World Food Prize Laureate), representatives of some of the major food companies including Coca Cola, Almond Board of California and Cargill, International Council for Science (ICSU) Vice President, ILSI Europe Scientific Director and Brazilian Association of Food Industries President among others, to increase pressure on governmental bodies and other international organizations to include food scientists and technologists as an integral part of any team directed at reducing world hunger and increasing food safety, security, health and wellbeing.


The gathering of the world community of food science and technology in Brazil featured experts from many disciplines and  industry, academia, government and international and non-governmental groups. Water and other environmental issues, political barriers, lack of knowledge of how to use and preserve available resources are all part of the IUFoST action plan going forward and the integral role food scientists and technologists have to play is top of the agenda.




Congress Landmarks


The 16th world congress of Food Science and Technology held in Iguassu Falls, Brazil broke attendance records and records for the number of abstracts presented. It was also the site of the first Industry Leaders Summit and the first time the world congress has been held in Latin America. For an important retrospective on the congress, visit the congress blog (iufostbrazil2012.wordpress.com). The blog (already viewed in 50 countries) is the daily record of the congress from the opening "friendly" football match, through selected sessions, interviews and commentary, all of which covered individual achievements and global industry leaders' perspectives on the future and on what they see as their responsibilities. Jose Aguilera, Daryl Lund, Pingfan Rao, Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, Philip Nelson and Shenggen Fan and others all go on record.   The congress in pictures is also presented here:  iufost.org.br/en/node/155184.   The work and dedication, under the leadership of Professors Glaucia Pastore and Delia Rodriguez-Amaya, of all the Brazilian congress organizing committee members is gratefully acknowledged.


International Academy Fellows


Twenty-three new Fellows were inducted into the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST). These Fellows exemplify the best minds of food science and technology internationally.   


The Inductees   


Jaime Amaya-Farfan (Brazil), Charles Aworh (Nigeria), Hongda Chen (USA), Roger Clemens (USA), Levente Diosady (Canada), Elisabeth Dumoulin (France), Shenggen Fan (USA), Anne Goldman (Canada), Ralf Greiner (Germany), Richard Hartel (USA), Jeya Henry (Singapore), Chen Jian (China), Michael Knowles (Belgium), Yun Bo Luo (China), Francis Malcata (Portugal), Donald Mercer (Canada), Dennis Miller (USA), Clare Mills (UK), Enrique Ortega-Rivas (Mexico), George Saravacos (Greece), Sudhir Sastry (USA), Da-Wen Sun (Ireland), Martin Wiedmann (USA).


Distinguished Service Medals 


Five individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to IUFoST and its mission were recognized. They are: 

  • Daryl Lund (USA)
  • Lim Chee Kian (Singapore)
  • Pieter Van Twisk (South Africa)
  • Walter Spiess (Germany)
  • David Lineback (USA)

Young Scientists  


Eight Young Scientists were chosen by an international jury to speak to the world congress on their research findings.   

  • Donna-Maree Cawthorn (SAAFoST - South Africa)
  • Lile He (IFT - USA)
  • Yeting Liu (SIFST - Singapore)
  • Nicolas Meneses (EFFoST - Switzerland)
  • Cornelia Rauh, (GEFFoST - Germany)
  • Claudia Troeger (UKFFoST - UK)
  • Chibuike Udenigwe (CIFST - Canada)
  • Fernanda Vanin (Brazil)  

Global Food Industry Awards


The IUFoST Global Food Industry Awards were established to recognize global leadership in industry through product/process innovation, package innovation and in communicating science related knowledge. The 2012 World Congress Winners of the Global Food Industry Awards are: 


Winners of Product and/or Process Innovation Award   

  • Campbell Company of Canada with 'Nourish'
  • Beijing Hongluo Food Co. Ltd. with 'Tuckahoe Cake'
  • Jumain Sataysfaction with 'Asli Microwaveable Tender Chicken Satay'
  • Unilever Ltd. with 'Knorr Cook in Bags'
  • VIFON with 'Instant Crab Meat Meals'
  •  Kikkoman Food Products Company with 'Shiboritate-nama Shoyu'  

Honourable Mention

  • Baixiang Food Group with 'Baixiang Instant Noodles of Fine Stew Series'
  • Yantai Shinho Enterprise Food Co with 'Cong Ban Lv Liu Xian Soybean Paste'  

Winners of Package Innovation Awards

  • Forte Plastics with 'Microwaveable/Conventional Oven Self Venting, Crisping and Cooking Bag'
  • Industri-Bag with 'Bag in a Tube'
  • Unilever with 'Knorr Cook in Bags'

Winners of Communicating Science-related Knowledge Awards

  • Faire Cape Dairies with 'Fair Cape Eco Fresh Milk Range'
  • Abbott Laboratories Pte Ltd. with 'Grow School'



The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) calls upon governments, industry, international bodies and others to join in the work towards food security and safety and the elimination of hunger for all. With a collective will it is possible and the more than 200,000 members of IUFoST have pledged themselves to this goal. Join us. For more information about IUFoST and its work contact secretariat@iufost.org. For IUFoST's mission and vision, read the  Cape Town Declaration.






The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is the global scientific organisation representing over 200,000 food scientists and technologists from more than 70 countries. IUFoST has five regional groupings, ALACCTA representing Central and South America, EFFoST representing Europe, FIFSTA representing the ASEAN countries, MENAFoST representing the Middle East and North Africa region and WAAFoST representing West Africa. IUFoST is a full scientific member of ICSU (International Council for Science) and it represents food science and technology to international organisations such as WHO, FAO, UNDP and others.

IUFoST organises world food congresses, among many other activities, to stimulate the ongoing exchange of knowledge in those scientific disciplines and technologies relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution and conservation of the world's food supply.


La Uni�n Internacional de Ciencia y Tecnolog�a de Alimentos (IUFoST) es la organizaci�n cient�fica global que representa m�s de 200.000 cient�ficos y tecn�logos de alimentos de m�s de 70 pa�ses. IUFoST tiene cuatro grupos regionales, ALACCTA, representante de Centro y Suram�rica y el Caribe; EEFoST representante de Europa; FIFSTA, representante de los pa�ses del sudeste asi�tico y WAAFoST, representante de �frica Occidental. IUFoST es miembro activo del Consejo Internacional para la Ciencia (ICSU) y representa la ciencia y la tecnolog�a de alimentos en organizaciones internacionales como OMS, FAO, PNUD y otras

IUFoST organiza, entre otras muchas actividades, el Congreso Mundial de Alimentos para estimular el intercambio activo de conocimiento en las disciplinas cient�ficas y tecnolog�as que se relacionan con la expansi�n, el mejoramiento, la distribuci�n y la conservaci�n del suministro mundial de alimentos. 


Website: www.iufost.org, Contact: Secretariat@iufost.org,