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Ora King Salmon
Farmed, Product of New Zealand

When aspiring to exceptional culinary standards, not all salmon are created equal. Ora King Salmon is best of a unique breed of King Salmon, nurtured throughout their life cycle to ensure the finest result. Committed farmers, humane harvesting, graded and tagged so you are sure to receive only the best quality. Vibrant and bright orange in color, marbled fat lines, excellent plate appeal and naturally high in Omega-3's result in an elegant balance of unmami flavors and a soft buttery texture.


Chef Ready Split Lobster Tails 
F45975 4-6 oz.
Wild, Canada 

From Rockport Specialty Seafoods, our Maine Chef Ready Split Lobster Tails are 4.5 ounces each and are fully usable with 100% yield of the meat. Each tail is split down the middle with no sticking meat and no preparation necessary as they are cut, cracked and cleaned into a butterfly style tail, ready to cook from the case. There are precise counts in every case to give you an exact plate cost! 1/10 lb. case                      

Jonah Cocktail Claws

Our Jonah Crabmeat comes straight from the waters of Florida. The quality is extremely consistent and claws are so well muscled that they are generally prized over crab legs. Meat is uniformly white, with a less sweet taste. Call your local sales rep today for more information.
10/2 lb. case
PEI Mussels
Some of the cleanest, most consistently sized mussels available. Harvested daily from the briny, rich waters surrounding PEI, Canada.


Grand Champion Angus Burgers

M82000    Grand Champion Burgers         

Our flavorful and juicy Grand Champion Choice Chuck Patties are delivered to you fresh, never frozen. Patties are made with whole muscle product and no steak trimmings are ever used. Formulas are quality controlled which assure flavor and consistency every time. Grand Champion burgers are full  HACCP certified and tracked through detection systems and are cryovac packed in a trademark EZ peel package for a 24 day shelf life. 2/1 Burgers  32 pieces per case- 8x4 bundles packed in a 16 lb. box

Fresca Home-style Tortillas         

Our Fresca Homestyle Tortillas are soft, pliable and resist tearing. Offered in many flavors and ideal for use in tacos, burritos, wraps, pinwheels, desserts, appetizers and more! Think outside the wear with new day parts and structures. Innovate with fresh new ways to save time and money, and create and satisfy new cravings in your customers.

11" Tortillas- Garlic and Herb, Tomato, Spinach and Herb, and Salsa.   12" Tortillas- Homestyle Flour.    6" Flour tortilla and a 4.5" Corn White Tortillas

Grill It Ribs         

PK3051   Farmland Thick N' Meaty Baby Back Ribs

Our Farmland Thick N' Meaty Baby Back Ribs are a wonderful way to fill your plate. They are
hand trimmed for consistent shape and minimal fat, and portion controlled with short prep time as each slab is individually poly bagged for a long shelf life. These ribs are extremely tender with excellent flavor. 11/3 lb.

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PK2750    Wampler's Pork Rib Squares
                                                  SPECIAL PRICE! $1.39 lb.

Our Wampler's Farm Pork Rib Squares are pulled from sows,  tenderized and pumped up to 20% with Wampler's special blends of flavoring and tenderizing solutions for a perfect rib. The product is shipped to us frozen and will hold for three months.  Packed in a 1/30 lb. case

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Lawler's Desserts       

DS7135   Elite Key Lime Pie

Authentic Key Lime Pie, refreshing tart and custard resting on a graham cracker and butter crust. Lawler's uses the finest natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings and chemical additives. The result- homemade taste and quality! 12 ct. 4/86 oz. cs.

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Holiday Italian Sausage      

Nothing compares to our Holiday Italian Sausage- a family
owned and operated, state inspected meat processing plant for over 40 years.  Holiday's authentic sausages are made with the finest pork, fresh custom blended spices and all natural casing for the true, old world flavor. For Ohio Sales Only.

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