Volume 4, Number 5-6  May-June 2017
th Commencement a True Celebration for Students, Residents and Honorees
96 Graduates Receive Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degrees; 3 Residents Graduate

Left to right: Honoree Stuart Salles, Esq.; President and CEO Louis L. Levine; honoree and keynote speaker Edward C. Halperin, MD, MA; honoree Benjamin B. Choi, Esq.; 
honoree Ross E. Taubman, DPM.
A boisterous audience at the 106th NYCPM Commencement greeted each of the graduates who crossed the Alice Tully Hall stage with joyous applause, shouts, cheers, and occasional blasts from horns. The atmosphere was full of anticipation from the beginning and the enthusiasm grew as the ceremonies unfolded.
    With Dean Lisa Lee at the podium ... Read more
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Student Awards Cite Accomplishments
Happily posing with their awards are (left to right): Rebecca Herman, Abigail Dunklee, Hye Jin Yoo, and Alisha Poonja, 
all Class of 2017.
There were lots of smiles all around on May 2 nd at the annual awards ceremony that recognized students' academic achievements, community or school service, plus other achievements or attributes. 
     The scholarship committee, chaired by Susan M. Rice, DPM ('88) and seven other faculty and staff, worked with Trustees and alumni and representatives of grantor ... Read more

Get to Know ...
NYCPM's Faculty:

Kenneth H. Astrin, PhD
Associate Professor of Pre-Clinical Sciences

Kenneth H. Astrin's entire career has centered on Human Genetics. After earning a BA in biology from the University of Chicago, he earned a PhD from the University of California at San Diego in Human Genetics. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas in Human Genetics and a second post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences in  ... Read more
NYCPM Launches Recruitment Efforts in 
Puerto Rico
There are fewer than 100 practicing podiatrists to serve the entire population of 3.5 million in Puerto Rico, despite the fact that the island ranks as the number one region in the U.S. in diabetes prevalence. In an effort to increase awareness of podiatry, the NYCPM Office of Student Services coordinated a series of lectures at undergraduate colleges in Puerto Rico to inform pre-medical students about the field. Peter Barbosa, PhD presented informational lectures to students at the University System Ana G. Méndez, Turabo campus (Universidad del Turabo) and at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus, during the first week of May. Dr. Yaisanet Oyola at Turabo and Dr. Angela González in San Germán coordinated the events at their respective campuses, which were well-attended and sparked much interest among students.
Faculty Authors Recognized at NYCPM

Annette Kirchgessner, PhD is recognized for her authorship by Dean Michael J. Trepal, left, and COO Joel Sturm, right. 

"The New York College of Podiatric Medicine is extremely proud of contributions made by its faculty to the medical literature and knowledge base, and properly wishes to acknowledge them at this Awards Ceremony."  Dean Michael J. Trepal's
letter to the community says it all! One by one, proud faculty accepted the certificates that recognize their 2016 accomplishments in publications, presentations and poster presentations. Both faculty and student author citations and live links are on the library website. 
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Dr. Reidenberg is First Recipient of Mount Sinai Alumni Award
In mid-May, the Mount Sinai Alumni Association awarded the first The Mount Sinai Alumni Award for Achievement in Graduate Education to Joy S. Reidenberg, PhD, MSSM '88, Professor, Center for Anatomy and Functional Morphology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Here at NYCPM, Dr. Reidenberg is Professor, Director of General Anatomy, Pre-Clinical Sciences. The award recognizes Dr. Reidenberg's "significant contributions as a teacher, investigator, and/or practitioner in their field, as a graduate of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai."  She said that being the first recipient of the award makes it very special to her.

Joy S. Reidenberg, PhD, left, receives the first The Mount Sinai Alumni Award for Achievement in Graduate Education from Jeffrey T. Laitman, PhD,who was Dr. Reidenberg's PhD advisor and mentor at Mt. Sinai, and who nominated her for the award.  "He taught me how to teach," she said.
Forensic Podiatry Research to be Collaboration
The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the University of Northampton will collaborate on forensic podiatry research led by NYCPM's adjunct forensic podiatry instructor, Bryan B. Kagan, DPM, MCSFS and by University of Northampton's Associate Professor, Michael Curran, PhD, MPhil, MBA, BSc. This collaboration resulted from Dr. Kagan's visit and lecture at the University of Northampton in November 2014 and Dr. Curran's visit and lecture at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in August 2015.
         Michael Curran, PhD, left, and Bryan B. Kagan, 
DPM will collaborate on forensic podiatry.

The research project, in addition to advancing the discipline of forensic podiatry, will open an avenue of international communication among educators and the students involved and will promote discussion and comparison of the research data and results. It will also encourage continued dialogue and development of additional opportunities for collaboration.
Dr. Kagan, voted one of 'America's Most Influential Podiatrists' by Podiatry Management magazine, will present at the 2017 International Association for Identification on a new protocol for criminal investigation of barefoot impressions.
Alumni News

NYCPM Alumni Dominate NYSPMA Elections
At its 121st Annual House of Delegates in Cooperstown, NY on June 3, NYSPMA members elected five NYCPM alumni as officers and trustees out of seven positions, including choosing Patricia Nicholas, DPM ('93)

as President. Dr. Nicholas is the first Caribbean-born female to serve the organization as presid ent.
       Also elected were: Paul Liswood, DPM ('93) as President-Elect; Emilio Goez, DPM ('90) and Sandro Frasca ('92) as trustees for three-year terms; and Karen Langone, DPM ('86) for a two-year term. Gary Stones, DPM ('84) won a Lifetime Achievement award, and Craig Herman, DPM ('98) and Joseph Sciandra, DPM ('80), both won Excellence in Action Awards.

Student News
D'Angelo Elected 2017 Student of 
the Year
In early June, Thomas Ehlers (2019), President-Elect of the Student Association, announced that Matthew D'Angelo (2018) had been 

elected NYCPM Student of the Year 
by vote of students and faculty; Joseph Cataldo and Jay Emlen, both Class of 2018, were the other nominees. "All deserved their nominations for their academic success and numerous contributions to our school over the past few years," said Ehlers. Jonathan Levy (09), of the Alumni Relations Association, added his congratulations and noted the examples the nominees set for future DPMs. 
Curl Up in the President's Corner
Chief Medical Librarian Paul Tremblay has announced a generous donation by NYCPM President and CEO, Louis L. Levine, to the library of general, non-medical nonfiction books, available to all students, faculty and staff. The new section, called President's Corner, is located near the entrance of the Library, facing the front desk. All you need is an ID to borrow one of the books.
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