Holiday Greetings!

As we enter the holiday season, I am very proud of and grateful for the extracurricular, charitable work of our students. To help people in need, they have participated in medical missions to other nations and collected sneakers, shoes, toys, and food to distribute at home. They have volunteered to perform foot screenings at health fairs and events all over New York City. And 50 students volunteered to work at a grueling day at West Point gathering valuable data about cadets' feet for research earlier this year. I hope you are proud of them as well.
To our faculty, students and staff; to all of our alumni; and to our neighbors and associates in the community, I wish the warmest, happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons, shared in peace with 
family and friends.  

Louis L. Levine, President and CEO
All of us at NYCPM are deeply grateful for all of our 2016 contributors.  - Louis L. Levine
NYCPM Contributions 2016
Honor Roll
Alumni and Friends
$210,000 - $50,000
Shirley Port-Rauch/Irene Landsberg, in honor of Aaron Arthur Rauch, DPM, '52
Hamilton E. James, Blackstone Group
Jerry Seinfield to Joseph C. D'Amico, DPM '73, for Richard O. Schuster, DPM '37, Memorial Biomechanics Seminar
$10,000 - $1,500
Susan Steinhart for Arthur Steinhart, DPM '76
Howard F. Robins, DPM '73
Louis Aquino, DPM '86
Halina M. Semla-Pulaski, DPM '89
Israel Goldstein, DPM '80
$700 - $600
Bryan C. Markinson, DPM '81
Minh P. Cao, DPM '01
Jamie L. Chaffo, DPM '11
$400 - $300
Michael P. DellaCorte, DPM '81
Marlyn V. Milicia, DPM '01
Samuel B. Adegboyega, DPM '06
Stephen D. Bui, DPM '01
Donna Marie Alfieri, DPM '91
Jeffrey J. Cusack, DPM '81
Michael J. Trepal, DPM '81
Nicholas Argerakis, DPM '09
Niral V Patel, DPM '12
$250 - $150
Arthur Gudeon, DPM '60
Christopher Chow, DPM '03
Grace E. Torres-Hodges, DPM '98
Jeffrey Miller, DPM '76
Paul M. Greenberg, DPM '89
Allan H. Goldberg, DPM '81
Mary Ann Bilotti, DPM '84
Russell Caprioli, DPM '84
  $100 or less
Andrew Shapiro, DPM '86
Barry Sussner, DPM '79
Howard Dinowitz, DPM '83
Jerome E. Reeves, DPM '93
John & Diane Guadara, DPM '90 & '96 
Justin C. Ogbonna, DPM '07
Lori Sandra Weisenfeld, DPM '88 
Nicole M. Kaiser, DPM '06
Richard A. Belli, DPM '78
Robert J. Baglio, DPM '98
Shannon P. Floyd, DPM '07
Steven Scholl, DPM '76
Vito Giardina, DPM '76
William H. Fitzpatrick, DPM '67
Wolfgang J. Jaworsky, DPM '85
Joseph B. Dobrusin, DPM '76
Brent Thomas Kempf, DPM '98
Elizabeth Youngworth, DPM '95
Estelle Kagle, DPM '40
Gary S. Fields, DPM '73
Harold D. Zorger, DPM '82
Irving Schneider, DPM '56
Jack Saul Friedman, DPM '52
Janet E. Leicht, DPM '89
Joel Lang, DPM '60
Joel A. Meshnick, DPM '85
John H. Spina, DPM '91
John H. Susz, DPM '02
Keith D. Cook, DPM '98
Lloyd Steinberg, DPM '61
Mark Granata, DPM '86
Marvin Odro, DPM '69
Michael E. Fusaro, DPM '97
Robert C. DiCaprio, Jr., DPM '90 
Sandro Frasca, DPM '92
Selwyn Bottinick, DPM '56
Stanley Zawada, DPM '84
Thomas Fitzgerald, DPM '85
Todd Stevens, DPM '88
Helene Cagan, DPM '86
Andrew R. Langroudi, DPM '01
Arezu N. Izad, DPM '89
Josh H. Ehrlich, DPM '86
Robert S. Adelman, DPM '76
Ross C. VanKleunen, DPM '98
Sidney Weiser, DPM '86
Steven B. Shindler, DPM '76
Frank Spinner, DPM '98
Anthony R. Iorio, DPM '81
Barry H. Block, DPM '76
Dennis Fassman, DPM '78
Steven Hirsh, DPM '86

NYCPM Faculty, Administration & Friends
$5,000 - $1,000
Louis L. & Marilyn Levine
Gabriel & Jerilyn M. Caprio
Robert Shapiro
Patricia Wade, PhD
$600 - $125
Lisa & Jeffrey Lee
Mary Foss-Skiftesvik
Mark Smith
Alex Tievsky
Svende E. Abragamsen
Arthur Aylaroff
Carol Shields & Desander J. Más
$100 or less
Maria C. Moschella, PhD
John Sclortina
Melissa Robitaille
Dmitry Gerber
Edward Granka
Richard Rauch
Robin Carlucci Murphy
Bruce Adersay
Peter Barbosa, PhD
Johanna Youner
Kyle Sphindler
Michael Lagudis
Peter Wishnie
* Note: Our apologies if we've missed anyone. Please advise us of any omissions.
2016 Contributions from Corporations and Associations

* Note: Our apologies if we've missed anyone. Please advise us of any omissions.