Motherland's Gold Is Handling my Diabetes and Cancer Pain

Donna Jones"I am a diabetic. I have to test my blood for sugar daily. Normally, it is 200 or 265, something like that. Now that I am taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I tested and it was only 73. Furthermore, it has not gotten higher than 167 since I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa! Can you believe it?

I am also a cancer survivor. The chemotherapy treatments have caused me lots of pain in my right leg. It hurt so much that I could not even walk from my bed to my bathroom without being in pain. Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have not had ANY PAIN AT ALL.

It is almost unbelievable. I have had consistent pain since 2009 when I was receiving chemotherapy UNTIL I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa 3 weeks ago. Since taking it, I have had NO pain.

If I could stand on top of a house and announce it to the world, I would, because chemo(therapy) pain is no joke!

But that's not all, my hair is growing back! I have a little ponytail now. I had empty spots from the chemo(therapy) that now have hair growing! It is really growing in the back, too. I am so energized by this!


I absolutely LOVE Motherland's Gold Moringa."

- Donna Jones, Champaign, Illinois






I weigh approximately 380 pounds.  I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa three weeks ago and I have already lost 5 pounds!  Last week, a lady at a restaurant that I frequent said that my face looks slimmer.  


Amazing! I have had pain in my knee for about 9 months and  I realized I have not had any pain in my knee in two weeks since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa. The pain is gone!


Kudo's to Patrina Roy for encouraging me to drink lots of water too, while taking Motherland's Gold Moringa!  I have been doing that as well, and am having great results! I will get some more Motherland's Gold Moringa... that's for sure!

Isiah Pearson



I just wanted to tell you, real quick, how Motherland's Moringa Gold has helped me in so many ways, so far... I am a Type I diabetic and crave sugar ALL the time.  Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have had no sugar cravings, much less an appetite.  I'm more conscience of what I am putting in my mouth now because I have to force myself to eat. 


Also, I started waking up every morning at 4:45 am and hitting the gym by 5:00 am for a 45-60 minute workout.  Before Motherland's Gold Moringa, I was not a morning person. Now, I look forward to waking up to workout! Lastly, I feel the toxins leaving my body and I feel lighter on my toes. Thank you for introducing Motherland's Gold Moringa to me!

Ramona Beaton




About a week ago, my son-in-law told me about Motherland's Gold Moringa. In just 3 days, I began to feel the results...


I was watching my granddaughter one afternoon. She was running around and I noticed she had a pencil in her hand. I chased after her to take the pencil away.


Once I caught her, I realized that I didn't have any pain in my knees...  and normally they would really be aching!

This stuff really works! I tried it and now I know.

Martha Francis





This Motherland's Gold Moringa is OOOFFFFF THE CHAIN! It is seriously helping me to write more music because I have a clearer thought process. Amazing!

Darbi Alexander








Motherland's Gold Moringa is quickly becoming a SENSATION in the Black Business Network. Many members taking Moringa have reported fast improvements, including:

  • Motherland's Gold Moringa improved general health
  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • healthier looking skin
  • improved digestion
  • improved elimination
  • increased eyesight
  • increased hearing
  • increased mental clarity
  • reduced arthritis
  • improved blood sugar levels
  • improved circulation
  • improved immune systems
  • reduced pain
  • reduced swelling
  • reduced appetite
  • hair growth
  • reduced wrinkles
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • faster fingernail growth
  • reduced acne
  • better rest at night
  • and much more...


Try Motherland's Gold Moringa today and experience this wonderful product for yourself.

Moringa is a tree that grows in Africa and other places. It is known as Africa's 'Miracle Tree of Life'. Its leaves have the highest concentration of nutrients of any plant ever studied by man:

  • 7 times the vitamin C of oranges
  • 4 times the vitamin A of carrots
  • 4 times the calcium of milk
  • 3 times the potassium of bananas
  • 2 times the protein of yogurt
  • and much more..

only $29.99/bottle

Watch the VIDEO about Moringa from the 

Discovery Health Channel.

Discovery Channel - Moringa fights malnutrition
Discovery Channel - Moringa fights malnutrition



Motherland's Gold Moringa Capsules and Leaf Powder Bag Motherland's Gold Moringa is simply the leaves of this miracle plant, crushed into powder, put into vegetarian capsules and bottled. It's natural, easily digestible nutrition that works wonders!


Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients, minerals and 46 types of antioxidants. It also contains 18 amino acids, including the eight essential ones that your body needs, can't make on its own, and must get from your food. With all the health benefits of Moringa, it can easily be called 'the most nutritious plant on the face of the earth'. There are no side-effects of Moringa tree leaves which have been proved to date. At the same time, Moringa can be consumed by small children and adults alike.


Moringa is handling malnutrition in Africa for thousands, and also bringing great nutrition to people all over the world. 


Motherland's Gold brings you the BEST QUALITY Moringa available. Also, the RESULTS achieved with Motherland's Gold Moringa, as reported by satisfied customers, is second to none.

Try Motherland's Gold Moringa TODAY and See The Results

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