" For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking for the most complicated way of understanding things, we completely miss the simple beauty staring us in the face. I'm blessed to be surrounded by children each day who are gifted with the ability to see clearly the beauty of God's ways with us! After we pray the prayer our Lord taught us each morning at the Day School, little moments of truth pop up in conversation. (And let me tell you, preschoolers can hand out truth like no one else!) For them, this last portion of the Lord's Prayer is very straightforward.

"For thine is the kingdom..." In a child's mind when you say the word "kingdom" they will tell you there is a castle and a King. The King is in charge. Everything around and in his castle is his. So if you look at this part of the phrase their way, this is just Jesus' way of telling us that God is King and all that is there belongs to Him. The earth and sky and people and animals...everything we can see and feel and know, is His. Our awesome King watches over us, loves us, cares for us and provides for us.

"...the power..." Power is a really important word to children - because they don't have much. They are awed by superheroes who have great power. Using their perspective, we could say that this part of the phrase means God is so great, nothing is impossible with Him. Thank heaven! We will never have to worry that we are in charge and have to handle everything in the world. What a relief!

"...the glory..."  Children love attention, and their little faces shine with it. Especially when it is given by someone in authority. We are just the same. We lift our faces to God and reflect His glory. Just like Moses when he came down the mountain after speaking with God, when we spend time in His presence, we shine and others notice. His glory shines for all the world to see.

"...forever and ever." This phrase is so comforting. Very often in our lives things seem so temporary. A job. A friendship. Fame. Wealth. Even life itself. But this phrase reminds us that God isn't temporary. God is forever. God was forever. And God will be forever. How can we NOT say a hearty AMEN to that?!

Submitted by
Mrs. Liz Ryan

"My God is so great" sung by Day School children
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