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24 November 2012



Hello Beloved!


I am writing today to share with you two new channeled messages, as well as some of what I'm noticing and feeling about our shared pathway.


The first is a message from the Pleiadians, The Divine Openings of Creation are in Pivotal Alignment.  The second, from the Omni Mind of Creation is an Orienting Transmission, with powerful energies and shifting perspectives infused through the message.  As you read each message, I encourage you to open your heart and allow the alchemy present within the words to energize your form and presence in new ways, to invite a direct transmission from the energy sharing to you, simply using the message/me as a translator to ground and make present the communication.


You may find both of these here:  http://expectwonderful.typepad.com/messages/


Afterward, the second message which I received this morning, I rested for a while in the connection.  It was so powerful and I felt incredible joy and bliss and waves of loving emotions.  My heart chakra was on fire and I prayed to learn how to live from this connection, to learn and understand how to allow it to In-Form my presence here.  It was an incredible experience of the New Earth energies and I realized again that my work is only just beginning!  Or rather -- my play!  We are really truly re-birthing ourselves! Incredible.


You and I transmit from the Infinite Wholeness into our own being.

It is from this inner knowing and this wholeness of being that light comes forth into form through me.  I love being here and now on this amazing and beautiful Earth.  I love the Earth so much!  I have come here many times and each time I find more ways of expressing myself here!  There is so much potential for creativity and fulfillment here that it is an incredible rich environment in which to evolve the potential and expression of my being.


The aspirations of our participation now are truly ULTRA!  It is beyond knowing how we will be as we emerge from this environment of linear, time-based experience, with Divine, 12-dimensional access and the ability to perceive Infinite Time, or to act from this knowing of greater wholeness.


I am using the time from now until I have a sense of emergence and greater clarity and have integrated all the alignments we now approach, to be deeply deeply present to life.  To slow way down and allow myself to really feel and notice what is happening.  We will never have this experience again!  The whole reality is changing as we ARE it.  It is consciousness in an expanded, profound way that is a TREMENDOUS gift of experience.


I am so deeply appreciate and filled with love for all of you who share this with me.  I am called forth into greater expression and being because of your connection, because you collaborate with me by reading, coming to events, choosing a reading, joining the Legion of Michael, commenting on a blog post or channeled message, writing with a sharing, an idea, a question you are reflecting upon.  All of these ways you are present draw me into a fuller ability to be the Divine as Meredith!  You empower me with your connection and your acknowledgement of my function!  I am so honored by you!  I love you and I know that each of you serve and stimulate the whole in countless relationships other than this one you have with me...so perhaps in my sharing you might get a glimpse of the enormous influence you gift our world and our wholeness with.  :)


I thank you with all my heart for this ongoing communion of light.

May we take great joy in these days of the transition.

May we anticipate our new landscape and all the creativity and collective potentials for experience and revision that are opening up for us, with a perspective informed by the enormous, perpetual focus that has made all this possible.

Victory is fittingly very sweet.


Love to you,




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