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A Word from Our Founder
Susan Stader, Founder and Executive Director

February: the month of love. All the talk about hearts and flowers can make some folks can feel extra lonely. Reach out and extend a little extra love to your friends and neighbors this month. A small gesture just might mean the world to someone else.

We at Next Step are celebrating a decade of love for the men who have been such an integral part of our program. Sending lots of love back out to them, their families and support networks this Valentine's Day!

Mark your calendars now for September 17th...our golf tournament is going to be an "ace" event this year! We are taking applications for sponsorships now. If you're interested in learning more, click here for more information

Loving thoughts and best wishes going out to you!

Susan Stader
Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS

Life Skills Curriculum
Mandatory fun is part of what we do
Having fun without "social lubricants" can be challenging for many adults -- especially those in recovery! We live in a culture that nurtures a dependency on mind-altering substances for social interactions and celebrations, so it's no wonder that many people in early stages of recovery often experience relapses while navigating these turbulent waters of temptation.
Liberate Joy
The Fun Conspiracy , as part of Next Step Recovery's life skills curriculum, helps clients reconnect with their joyful, playful selves in ways that rewire the brain and reframe mistaken beliefs that fun must be a state-dependent experience. Our recovery playshops are designed to help clients reclaim the joy that is their birthright and ultimately the source of wellbeing.
Mandatory Fun
We Love Fun!
Our Fun in Recovery sessions invite participants to share, play, laugh, explore inhibitions and social expectations, and to experiment with bringing a playful approach to daily routines and challenges. In each session, we share the strong body of research that shows how play enhances our brain chemistry and mood, physical health, relationships, sense of hopefulness, empowerment and, ultimately, our outlook on life -- all of which support long-term recovery. 

Through a combination of playful activities and in-depth discussions, we help clients explore new playgrounds and new playmates, which is a cornerstone of 12-step recovery work and an important step for changing old patterns of behavior and negotiating social interactions confidently and substance free.
Life Skills programs offered at Next Step Recovery:
Next Step Staff Spotlight: Brian Nolan
Brian Nolan
My recovery journey started in early 2007. I went to treatment centers through October of 2009 when I transitioned to Next Step as a resident. By early 2010 I was a staff member helping to run the daily operations. Soon after I transitioned to the Admissions Director position. After spending some time as a counselor at a recovery residence in Charlotte, I'm back at Next Step. I work an active recovery program and look forward to helping the men of Next Step in their early recovery as people helped me when I arrived at Next Step in 2009.

My advice for those in early recovery and their families would be to hold on tight. You are in for the ride of your life! Like me, many of those we work with need multiple attempts to "get" recovery. I encourage those with the disease of addiction and their families to utilize every opportunity for help and support. Being honest, open and willing is not easy and creates many uncomfortable situations, but those principles also open the door for lasting change.

NEXT STEP RECOVERY, INC  is a recovery house for young males 18 years of age or older who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.