ForemostCo® Flash - Vol 107
Remember the old adage, Garbage in, Garbage out?
At ForemostCo®, it's QUALITY IN, QUALITY OUT!
We can offer you some great quality liners for some incredible prices!   How do we know they will be great quality? You’ve heard the old adage, “garbage in, garbage out”, right? It’s one of the growers’ favorite mantras.

At ForemostCo®, it's quality in, quality out.   We are able to get great deals from our farms in Guatemala and Costa Rica on high quality foliage, then root them at Phoenix Foliage and offer you another great deal!  So what you end up with is a REALLY great deal and a REALLY great looking product!

Some of our featured items are below, but please press here for Product List.

Minimum quantities:
4” Pots: 1,980 |  CP 50's: 8,250 |  CP 72's: 11,880
For delivery by Week 52, 2016
Croton Mamey, Petra & Aurora

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Schlumbergera Zygocactus
Holiday Cactus, also known as Christmas Cactus, are popular, winter-flowering houseplants and are available in a wide variety of colors, including white, red, purple, pink and orange.

Fairy Tale Flame® Cactus have bigger flowers, longer flower shelf life, and are overall healthier and stronger than the standard varieties.

PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW for the new upcoming December Season!                                                           

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Agapanthus 'Sofie'
Deep, gorgeous blue flowers, set atop compact foliage.  

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Marginata Tips
Marginata Tips are the perfect plant for adding colorful height to your foliage combo pots.   Available in greens, reds and bi-colors. 

And be sure to ask about our Open Braids!

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If you haven t tried our Bromeliads, now is the time!  

We have good availability at the moment so take advantage and get yours now!
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Thanks to those of you who made it by our Booth at the
Nursery/Landscape Expo in Texas!  It was great to see you!