ForemostCo® Flash -  Volume 122
Monday, March 13, 2017  |   Week 11  
   Trials available this Summer!
     From Phoenix Foliage, Inc. 

DRACAENA Marginata & Magenta

Spruce up that boring Dracaena indivisa spike by replacing it with our colorful Marginata and Magenta liners!

Hedera Ivy
ForemostCo® can supply all of your needs with the best in ground cover and greenhouse ivy cuttings.  We offer your choice of on-the-vine or leaf & eye, a full availability, highly competitive pricing and our great service!    


Pictured:  Duranta  'Gold Mound'
TROPICAL PERENNIALS:  High quality unrooted cuttings of southern perennials, now available from our production facility in Guatemala.  

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Also available as liners from Phoenix Foliage, Inc.

CROTON NERVIA has long, elegant, upright leaves with colors of yellow, green, red and orange.  As the leaves mature, they turn a deep red, with bold pink veins.  NERVIA is great in 6, 8, 10” pots, as well as a standard form. From our farm in Costa Rica, Ornamentales Sapo Verde.

Also available as liners from Phoenix Foliage, Inc.

AGAPANTHUS SOFIE:  Deep, gorgeous blue flowers, set atop compact foliage, mid-summer through late summer. 

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