February 17, 2014
Establish an Emergency Savings Account 
What does a savings account have to do with workplace productivity?  Interesting new studies on the concept of scarcity show that we are mentally distracted and preoccupied by concerns that we don't have enough of basic survival needs. And yet 46% of American adults say they have less than $800 in savings. Concerns about scarcity involuntarily cause the brain to shift focus away from the present and reduce both fluid intelligence - the ability to reason and solve problems - and executive functioning - the ability to pay attention and self-regulate.


So put away money each month into an emergency savings account for unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills, or home repairs. You may find that after a few months you are feeling less distracted by worries about financial scarcity and more focused on the work at hand. 


Mullainathan, S., & Shafir, E. (2013). Scarcity: Why having too little means so much. Macmillan.


Love the Job You Have      


In an interview with monster.com, Dr. Paula Thompson gives suggestions about small changes you can make to love the job you already have. 

"Focusing on the negative will bring down your spirits," Thompson says. "Instead, purposefully develop friendships with your co-workers who love their jobs, and you will find that their passion will be contagious and make you feel better about yours."  Read more.
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