January 13, 2014
Imagine Conversations with Your Coworkers  

Mentally rehearsing upcoming work-related conversations with a positive frame of mind can help leaders develop more conversational options and say things in a more diplomatic fashion during the actual conversation.  When you imagine a future conversation in your head, picture yourself at your best and envision positive outcomes.  Identify emotions that may need to be checked, and process those ahead of time.  Mentally see and hear all the words, gestures, and feelings that will create a successful conversation.


Thompson, P.M.  (2012).  An Exploratory Study of Work-Related Imagined Interactions with Real-Life Coworkers.  ProQuest LLC. (UMI No. 3540744).   


Imagined Conversations @ Work   


Imagined conversations are conversations that take place in your mind with people from your real-life. During these imagined conversations, you mentally play the role of yourself and the other person, imaging what each of you would say and how you would react.  Read more.


At work, imagined conversations can be helpful or harmful depending on the situation.  Research conducted by Dr. Paula Thompson on leaders' imagined conversations with real-life coworkers found that the majority of them involve processing negative emotions related to stressful workplace events.  However, the research also suggests that people can flourish at work by invoking imagined conversations that feel emotionally positive, nurture relationships, and support the accomplishment of one's job.  Read more.   


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