November 25, 2013
Keep a Gratitude List 
As you give thanks this week, will you count your job among your blessings? The Thanksgiving holiday was founded long before we understood the neuroscience behind gratitude. The brain is a naturally skeptical organ, evolutionarily wired to seek out threats in the physical and social world. The brain's "negativity bias" is one of the reasons we tend to give more weight to the bad things that happen in our daily lives.


To counteract the negativity bias, Seligman recommends reinforcing positive experiences through a gratitude list. Spend 5 minutes every evening remembering what went well at work that day and write down the top few items. You don't need to journal about them; merely list them. This small act of keeping the positive in mind will help you feel better about your job.


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De-cluttering your career begins with an accurate assessment of how you are spending your time. Just like spring cleaning your cluttered garage or attic, the question is: what is in here and do I need it?  The ultimate goal is to spend your time - your most valuable resource - in the ways that you choose in order to feed your life's passions and priorities. Read More.  


Moment of Gratitude


In the spirit of giving thanks, tremendous appreciation goes out to Amy Phillips for all of her contributions to this year's successful launch of Foresight Coaching & Consulting. From web page design to logo creation to the template construction for Brain Bites, Amy has been integral to Foresight's branding and online presence activities. Plus, all of the photographs on the Foresight website and many on Brain Bites (including the one above) are Amy's original work.


To see more of Amy's design and photography, visit her website.                         
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