November 4, 2013

Work from Home One Day a Week


Are you wanting more flexibility in your schedule, but don't know how to make the case for a work from home day? Well, the Gallup organization has done the research for you. They find that employees who spend one day a week (or 20% of the week) working at home are the most engaged, and these employees report feeling a sense of autonomy while also still having strong social connections with team members. But be careful not to work at home half the week or more, which can put you at risk for becoming disengaged and disconnected.


Gallup (2013). State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders. Read the report.




What Do You Want From Your Next Job?


Paula Thompson is featured prominently in an article about what to consider before accepting a job offer. Published on Daily Worth, a web platform devoted to women's leadership and careers, Thompson advises readers that "what is a job perk for one person isn't for another. The No. 1 question you ask yourself is how the job will fit in with other priorities." She also discussed the trend of women being drawn to new jobs that offer interesting work and a sense of purpose. Read the article.


New Workshop on Brain-Healthy Change


Last month Foresight founder Dr. Paula Thompson and collaborator Dr. Sharon Liu presented a workshop to more than 150 management students at Colorado Technical University.  This workshop led participants through an analysis of an organization change implementation that violated the brain's organizing principle to minimize threat and maximize reward.  Designed around the SCARF model, participants developed brain-healthy alternatives that enable employees to maintain status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness.


Can your organization benefit from brain-healthy approaches to leadership and change management?  To learn more about Foresight's workshops and organizational consultations, e-mail Paula.                         
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