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Hawkeye Home Inspection and Environmental Testing
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September 6, 2010
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Forget About How

We all have goals, dreams and desires. Sometimes we can wonder too much about how exactly they will manifest. Our wondering can sometimes be a form of doubting that repels their manifestation. We may doubt because we don't see a way to manifest them.

Of course, we need a day-to-day game plan for our lives. However, it is most important to focus on our desires and decide that they have already manifested. If we can hold the vision clearly in our minds of what we want, we are well on our way to creating what we want. As we do this, we put out an energy that will attract the resources to create what we want.

Nature is abundant. There are endless stars in the sky and endless grains of sand on a beach. The universe around us is naturally abundant and so are the possibilities for manifesting what we want. According to nature's principles, it is more natural to receive what we want, then it is not to. We need to stop our thoughts from repelling what the natural flow of the universe is trying to bring to us.

"I let go of doubt and assume that the highest path is manifesting for me."

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'Focus On What You Want To Manifest and It Will Manifest Into Focus.'

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