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A travel show without the boring sightseeing? Today, in our Special Edition SwagMag, we announce to you: Thirsty TV

Thirsty TV


Iolande in IbizaForget those boring travel shows, Thirsty TV is here!
Australian TV presenter Iolande Skinner will be joining 22 others on the first ever Spanish Bar-Mada tour, starting this Saturday on August 25th.


You'll meet some of the characters on tour and get a real feel for the amazing destinations on this epic adventure.

Spanish Bar-Mada 

There'll be no boring sights. No history lessons. Just the best stories from thirsty travellers having the time of their lives.


Follow the show:
(updates daily from August 25th)


Watch Iolande's intro to Thirsty TV:


Iolande introduces Thirsty TV
Iolande introduces Thirsty TV


Interested in the full story? Check out the official press release here.




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Next month, our normal SwagMag resumes with the first updates from Oktoberfest 2012.


Stay thirsty,
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