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February 2017
Power GridGrid

Special issue of IEEE's Electrification Magazine focuses on transactive energy... read more.
Research team led by PNNL has developed tools needed by the electricity industry... read more.

Efficient Buildings Buildings
Timeline highlights successful development of building Re-tuning methodology... read more.
State looks to adopt updated energy conservation code, cites PNNL report as a key driver for change... read more.
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering featured research from DOE's Buildings of the Future project... read more.

Researchers chemically modified sawdust to make it oil-attracting and buoyant... read more.
A composite synthesized by researchers at PNNL has separated pertechnetate, preventing it from escaping... read more.

Transportation Transportation

New process quickly pares down heaps of algae species into those that hold promise... read more.
PNNL and Oregon State University are co-leading Module and Component focus area... read more.

Renewable EnergyRenewable
PNNL-led code comparison study brought together 11 research institutions to collaborate... read more.
After a 19-month deployment in ocean waters, a research buoy has returned... read more.
Researchers developed a non-toxic MOF coating using a layer-by-layer technique... read more.
Fossil EnergyFossil 
Researchers at PNNL injected carbon dioxide into basalt lava flows a half mile underground near Wallula, Wash. In just two years, it converted to a carbonate mineral or solid rock.  Conventional wisdom said it would take thousands of years for this to occur. PNNL researchers thought differently after their lab tests demonstrated that the unique geochemical nature of basalts quickly react with carbon dioxide to form carbonate minerals - something akin to limestone... read more.
Energy technologies from PNNL are among the 300 that will be featured at the 2017 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit. From Feb 27 to March 1, you can visit our researchers at one of our six booths. See what we're showcasing on our website.

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