July 18, 2016

Former University of Wyoming President Joins McGinley Orthopedics

Casper, Wyoming - In a special announcement today at the Casper Rotary Club, McGinley Orthopedics' CEO Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD stated that Dr. Richard McGinity, University of Wyoming President Emeritus, has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer.  "Dr. McGinity's professional career in entrepreneurial growth and financing will accelerate our company's development.  His experience with rapidly growing companies as well as his connections around Wyoming and within UW will be great assets.  We are very excited to have him join our team," Dr. McGinley said.
McGinity will oversee all financial operations of McGinley Orthopedics.  He is eager to put his two decades of venture capital, private equity, and corporate governance experience to work in Wyoming.  Additionally, he will lead the current round of investment. McGinity noted that "Wyoming urgently needs economic diversification, entrepreneurial innovation, and job retraining.  McGinley Orthopedics is doing all of these things simultaneously.  The scale of its opportunity, the speed at which the company has grown and the enthusiasm and dedication of its employees attracted me to the team and its founder."
Dr. McGinity completed his tenure as UW's 25th President in May of this year. Prior to serving as president, he was Interim President, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Bill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics in UW's College of Business.  He has also served as research faculty at Harvard Business School, Board member and Chair of the Wyoming Business Council, and Naval Aviator earning two air medals during three deployments in Viet Nam. A Licensed Professional Guide, McGinity is an owner of the historic T Cross Ranch north of Dubois and resides in Crowheart outside of the academic year.
Dr. McGinity's hire is just the latest tie between McGinley Orthopedics and the University of Wyoming.  The company is headquartered in the Wyoming Technology Business Center, has worked with Manufacturing-Works and the Wyoming Small Business Innovative Research and Technology Transfer Programs, and has hired several UW graduates.
About McGinley Orthopedics:  McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations, LLC strives to engineer medical technologies which improve patient care by reducing costs and improving safety. Proudly based in Casper, Wyoming, McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations was founded in 2012 by Dr. Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD. Dr. McGinley is both an engineer and physician with a background in medical device development, sports medicine, and education.

New CFO Dr. Richard McGinity speaks to Casper Rotary as
CEO Dr. Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD looks on.

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